Improving the education quality for ethnic minority students in Song Hinh district
Updated : Thursday, May 24, 2018 2:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Asa mountainous area, the rate of ethnic minority students is over 57%. Over thepast years, the education sector in Song Hinh district has made great effortsin enhancing the Vietnamese language, thereby contributing to improving theeducation quality for ethnic minority students.

Students in Ea Bia Elementary School (Song Hinh district) reading books, newspapers
at the school library to enhance Vietnamese

Ea Bar Kindergarten (Ea Barcommune) has the majority of ethnic minority children. To implement the programof strengthening Vietnamese language for students, the kindergarten children herehave been involved in many activities both inside and outside the classroomsuch as performing arts, molding powder, stacking, listening fairy tales, playingfootball, sales, singing folks; participating in the activities of introducing,performing local culture… Ms. Le Thi Lan, Headmaster of Ea Bar Kindergarten, letknown: "From the activities, the teachers instruct and encourage thechildren to communicate and discover Vietnamese language, thus helping childrento access more the Vietnamese language, better speaking skills for them”.

Recognizing the significanceand importance of Vietnamese language in educating ethnic minority students,over the past time, Ea Bia Elementary School has innovated the method ofteaching Vietnamese with the number-3 rule, which is that the teachers of grade1, 2, 3 have to firmly grasp and effectively apply the three steps of guidance- modeling - practice; at the same time, use flexible four types of visualaction: body, objects, pictures, stories; among them, creating motivation,interest, passion, love learning Vietnamese for students is always placed onthe top.

According to Mr. Tran DinhNhat, Deputy Head of the Song Hinh District Education and Training Division, definingthe significance and importance of teaching Vietnamese to children in ethnicminority areas, right after Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee issued theplan of deploying the scheme strengthening the Vietnamese language for ethnicminority children in the 2016-2020 period, the Education and Training Division hasadvised the District People's Committee to work out plans to strengthenVietnamese language for ethnic minority students with a number of specificcontents such as: kindergartens and elementary schools will work out plans tostrengthen Vietnamese language and teach Vietnamese language to children beforeentering grade 1 in August every year; assign devoted, experience teachers incharge of grade 1; invest in facilities, train to improve the quality ofteachers, increase the amount of tutorials for the weak students in Vietnamese;renovate teaching methods; regularly organize extra-curricular activities suchas: Vietnamese Language Exchange, Uncle Ho's storytelling, broadcasting of children’sprogram; emulating art programs in the break time, composing comic books… As aresult, the quality of Vietnamese language learners has improved markedly with97% or more of ethnic minority students completing Vietnamese language subjectsethnic minority students read fluently Vietnamese in class from 95% to 97%.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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