Develop women’s roles in developing collaborative economy
Updated : Wednesday, May 23, 2018 9:41 AM (GMT+0700)

VietnamCentral Women Association has just coordinated with The Provincial Women’sOrganization to organize the training sessions on enhancing the managing,directing competence for the management boards of cooperatives and cooperatinggroups (CG) in the three provinces of Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa. This isone of the activities within the scheme of Supporting women with start-ups inthe period of 2017-2018. Phu YenNewspaper interviewed Ms. Ho Thi Quy, commissioner of the Chairwomen Delegation,head of the board for supporting women develop economy, Vietnam Central WomenAssociation, as related to this issue.

Members of the training sessions presenting on the skills of propagating to mobilize
the members to take part in the cooperatives

* Can you let known aboutthe major targets aimed by this training session?

 - Tenure 2017-2022 of Vietnam centralwomen association bears some significant contents, which are to mobilize womento establish the cooperatives. Accordingly, in the year 20172018, the provincesand cities establish more than 200 cooperatives. As such, the Association wantsto equip the women with better understanding of the cooperatives as well as theroles, responsibilities of the cooperating managing board, from which, thesemembers will master the methods of better managing and implementing thecooperatives. The target of the training session is to  enhance the knowledge for the women for themto know how to better monitor, manage the cooperatives.

* How do you evaluate thecurrent roles and competence of the women in the cooperatives? Which activitieshave the associations at all levels taken to support the women to develop theirroles within the cooperatives, madam?

- Currently, the proportionof women working in rural areas is larger than that of males, only in theregions with women at home while men work far away from home. As such, it canbe asserted that the roles played by women in agriculture is really large. Ifcooperatives are established in rural areas, more women get chances toparticipate and the number of members surges. Meanwhile, female cadres takingpart in monitoring is modest. This does not necessarily mean good, theproportion of women in the cooperatives is high but the number of those inleadership is not considerable. The association is making efforts to establishmore women to take part in management. This will bring about better genderequality.

The truth is the knowledgeof the association’s cadres of the cooperatives is not intensive enough,therefore, sometimes, the will and subjective aspirations are to getopportunities to establish, but if the conditions are not mature enough, it isbetter not to establish yet. However, the aspiration to urge the establishmentis from the farmers themselves, from the women, here, the association onlyworks as the “mid-wife”. The associations at all levels are activelyimplementing lots of activities to support the women to develop the roleswithin the cooperatives. These include propagation, media to help the women andmembers to better understand the roles and benefits of joining cooperatives; organizingthe training courses for the management board, the members for the women toenhance their awareness, knowledge once being the cooperatives’ members; thenext step is that the Association will organize the conferences to commend thecooperatives working and doing businesses efficiently. The association is alsogoing to do research into the cooperatives to make proposals to the State forsuitable policies for the more favorable development within the cooperatives.

In the scheme to supportwomen with start-ups in the period of 2017-2025, the organization has alsoimplemented lots of activities to start up, develop business, trade via theestablishment of enterprises, cooperatives, cooperating groups. With the targetof heading towards the end of the tenure, all association levels will haveestablished 300 cooperatives and depending on the features of each province,the association will set concrete targets…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN 

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