Art show welcomes overseas Vietnamese returning for Tet
Updated : Thursday, February 08, 2018 2:59 PM (GMT+0700)

PresidentTran Dai Quang beat the drum to kick off the Xuan Que Huong (HomelandSpring) 2018 festival in the evening of February 7, welcoming a delegation ofoverseas Vietnamese (OVs) who returned home to enjoy the Lunar NewYear (Tet).

President Tran Dai Quang at the Xuan Que Huong (Homeland Spring) 2018 festival -
Photo: VNA

The delegation included 90delegates from 25 countries and territories worldwide, representing 4.5 millionoverseas Vietnamese living in 109 foreign nations and territories. 

Addressing the programme,President Quang highlighted Vietnam’s major achievements in various fields andextended warmest Tet greetings to OVs and applauded theircontributions to building and developing the country as well as strengtheningsolidarity among Vietnamese expats and promoting their integration into hostnations. 

“2017 was the first time inmany years we completed and exceeded all 13 socio-economic development targetsset by the National Assembly”, he said, noting that macroeconomic stability,inflation under control, budget revenues and large balances of the economy wereguaranteed. GDP growth reached 6.81 per cent while export-import turnoverreached 425 billion USD, the highest figure ever.

The President also briefedthe OVs about the success of the APEC Vietnam Year 2017 and the 25thAPEC Economic Leaders Meeting.

“We have successfullycompleted the role of host, making history in the process of economicintegration of the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating the stature and wisdom ofVietnam and contributing to strengthening cooperation with other countries inthe region, major partner countries and traditional friends”, he said.

He stressed that theoverseas Vietnamese community was consistently considered an integral part ofthe nation, adding that the Party and Government would continue supporting andcreating favourable conditions for OVs to integrate into host countries andmake further contributions to national development. 

Earlier the same day,President Quang and the delegation of OVs offered incense to commemorate latePresident Ho Chi Minh at House 67 in the presidential historical relic site inHanoi. 

The activity took place tocelebrate the 88th founding anniversary of the Communist Party ofVietnam (February 3) and the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holidaywhich falls on February 16. 

President Quang, his spouseand the delegates then released carp into Uncle Ho’s fish pond to observe thetraditional Kitchen God Day ahead of the Lunar New Year. 

The same day, the Stateleader and his spouse also offered incense to ancestors who died to defend thecountry at the Kinh Thien Palace in the imperial citadel of Thang Long.

Party General SecretaryNguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also had separatereceptions to the delegation of overseas Vietnamese on February 7.


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