For a peaceful spring
Updated : Thursday, February 08, 2018 11:07 AM (GMT+0700)

MauTuat spring-2018 is coming so closely. In order for the people to enjoy Tethappily and safely,  Phu Yen police forcefrom provincial level to foundational one have simultaneously launched to combatcriminals, solving social evils and ensuring security and order.  

The police of Song Cau town strengthened patrolling to ensure security and order

In response to the peak timeof combating criminals and ensuring security and order at Mau Tuat Lunar NewYear 2018, Phu Yen police force from provincial level to foundation hasconcentrated on combating criminals of stealing property, intentionallyinflicting injury, causing public disorder, plundering, snatching to robproperty and achieved numerous important results. Notably, police of Tuy Hoacity has concentrated forces and successful discovered 2 reconnaissance missions,finding 6 objects taking 10 cases of stealing motorcycles; catching 2 ones illegallytrading narcotics; seizing more than 16 grams of rock drugs, 3 mobile phones,more than 12 million dongs and other evidences.

Along with the spirit ofcombating criminals, the Economic Police Division has also drasticallyimplemented numerous measures to combat criminals and violations in this field.According to Lieutenant Colonel Ly Cong Thanh, Deputy Head of Economic PoliceDivision, Phu Yen has no border gate as other provinces but a large volume ofgoods circulates daily through the province, especially near the Lunar NewYear. At this time, there is very large number of means of transporting andtransiting goods. Some objects take advantage of this situation to movesmuggled goods, counterfeit goods and goods without quality assurance. TheEconomic Police Division has assigned forces to closely keep track of mainroutes and areas, especially national highways, in order to grasp situation,promptly detect and coordinate with concerned forces to carry out synchronouslyprofessional measures detecting and strictly handling cases of transporting,purchasing and transiting goods with unclear origin, smuggled goods,counterfeit goods and goods without quality assurance, especially those toserve Tet.

Prior to the Lunar New Year,the situation of traffic order and safety has been complicated due to the suddenincrease in the number of people and vehicles. In order for peaceful roads,traffic police in the entire province mobilized maximum forces and means,working overtime, increasing frequency, focusing on patrolling on highway andmain routes where there are usually traffic accidents; strictly handlingviolations of traffic order and safety, especially during the  festival places at Tet, contributing to ensurean enjoyable and safe spring and Tet.

Police units have alsotimely solved immigration procedures, creating favorable conditions fortourists, Vietnamese overseas to visit relatives and participate in festivalsduring Tet. Simultaneously, promoting propagation and mobilization of people tovoluntarily hand over weapons, explosives and support instruments; activelypreventing, fighting and strictly handling activities of producing, trading,transporting or using firecrackers illegally; inspecting fire prevention atmarkets, shopping malls and supermarkets in the province; promptly detectingand proposing to overcome shortcomings in task of fire prevention. Theactivities of police force also aim to ensure the safety of targets, key works,cultural activities and festivals in the province.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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