Continuing the activities of visiting and donating presents on the occasion of the Lunar New Year
Updated : Wednesday, February 07, 2018 2:27 PM (GMT+0700)

On February 6th,comrade Huynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the central Party committee, secretaryof the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial people’s council;comrade Luong Minh Son, standing deputy secretary of the Provincial Partycommittee; Comrade Dao Bao Minh, commissioner of the standing board cum head ofthe peoples’ agitation board of the provincial Party committee and leaders ofthe committee of the national Fatherfront in the province, the provincialreligion board visited and wished a happy Lunar New year to the dignities andreligious foundations in the province. The visits are paid on the occasion ofthe 2018 Mau Tuat Lunar New Year.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee visiting Buddhist Monk Thich Tam Thuy

On the visit to the BuddhistMonk Thich Tam Thuy, former head of the board of directors of the provincialbuddhism association (Huong Son pagoda, Phu Hoa district); vicar Dang Son, headof Tuy Hoa Parish; vicar Luong Manh Ha, head ofTuy Hoa protestant branch; vicar Nguyen Cap, head of Cho Moi parish (TuyAn district), comrades Huynh Tan Viet and Luong Minh Son conveyed the bestgreetings to the vicars, buddhist monks, the catholic and buddhists on theoccasion of the new spring. Comrade Viet and Son also hoped that in the comingtime, the dignities and religious believers would continue to develop thespirit of solidarity, well implementing the advocacies and policies of theParty and the State Law, living useful life, and make further practical contributionsto the cause of constructing the homeland of Phu Yen towards a more prosperousand happier locality.

Standing deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee presenting gifts to vicar
Luong Manh Ha

Comrade Huynh Tan Viet alsovisited and wished a happy Tet in Phu Hoa district. At the headquarter of PhuHoa district, secretary Viet commended the achievements gained by Phu Hoadistrict in the year 2017, expressing the excitement at the peoples’ betterlife and policy families. Comrade Viet requested the Party committee andgovernment of Phu Hoa district to continue caring more for the poor and policyfamilies in the district; concentrating on shifting plants, poultry and cattleinto a more compatible way with the locality’s conditions; simultaneouslyrequesting the local governments to care for the people’s life or the sake of acozy, sufficient and safe Tet…

* Comrade Hoang Van Tra, PPCChairman cum head of the provincial parliamentary delegates at the nationalassembly and leaders of the department of external affairs, Vietinbank-Phu Yenbranch and Viettel Phu Yen visited and wished a happy Tet to KCP VietnamIndustry Company Ltd., cadres and people of ward 6 (Tuy Hoa city).

Photo: T.HUONG

PPC Chairman Hoang Van Trawished the cadres and staff, workers at KCP Vietnam industry company ltd. anew year full of good health and success. In the past time, the Company has contributedto dealing with the employment issue for the laborers, promoting thedevelopment of the sector of sugarcane-sugar, making the general contributionsto the province’s socio-eco development. In the new year, the provincialleaders would hope the Company to develop the achievements, expanding theoperation of production and trade, make more investment into other sectors inthe province.

At the people’s committee ofward 6, Comrade Hoang Van Tra presented 40 gifts, each is 500,000 dongs to thepoor and difficult households in the locality.

* PPC standing vicechairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien visited and presented gifts to 14 policy familiesin Song Cau town, each gift is worth 500,000 dongs. At the present-donatingceremony, comrade Hien conveyed the new year greetings and hoped the Vietnameseheroic Mothers, the veterans …to be the shining role models for the youngergenerations and for everybody to follow; hoping the people’s committee of SongCau town to create favorable conditions for the policy families to have a cozyand happy, safe new year.

* PPC standing vicechairman, Mr. Tran Huu The came to offer incense sticks to the shrining templeof Luong Van Chanh (Phu Hoa district); visiting and wishing a happy Lunar NewYear to Phu Yen lottery ticket company, Ba Ha River hydro-electric power plant,Khatoco Phu Yen tobacco Factory, the branch of Long Son JSC in Phu Yen provinceand Vung Ro port one-member company.

At these units, comrade TranHuu The inquired about the situations of producing, trading, simultaneouslyencouraging the enterprises to make efforts to produce, further create more newproducts, increasing revenue, profits forthe enterprises as well as improving people’s life.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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