Tuy Hoa: Strengthening solutions to ensure traffic safety
Updated : Tuesday, February 06, 2018 1:05 PM (GMT+0700)

Withthe determination to continue reducing traffic accidents on all three criteriaof number of cases, fatalities and injuries in 2018, Tuy Hoa city isimplementing synchronous solutions to ensure traffic safety. Phu Yen Newspaper had a dialogue withMr. Vo Ngoc Kha, Chairman of Tuy Hoa city’s People's Committee cum Head ofTraffic Safety Board of Tuy Hoa city, around this issue.

Traffic police of Tuy Hoa city patrolling and handling violations on Hung Vuong street

* What highlights andlimitations does Tuy Hoa city have in task of ensuring traffic safety in 2017,sir?

- In 2017, with the effortsof the entire political system, the situation of traffic accident in the citywas restrained, reducing all three criteria (number of cases, fatalities andinjuries) against the year 2016. The city had 74 traffic accidents with 22fatalities and 66 injuries. Compared with the same period last year, trafficaccidents decreased 6 cases, 2 fatalities and 25 injures.

The traffic policemenregularly patrolled, controlled and strictly handled violations. Besides, the taskof  maintaining and repairing roads wasenhanced, ensuring smooth traffic. The city upgraded a number of routes such asLe Duan, Nguyen Van Cu, Nguyen Cong Tru; simultaneously, directing to take tworush times of launching to resettle urban order and clearance 143 cases oftrade encroachment on the road  

* What solutions has thecity taken to curb traffic accidents in 2018, sir?

- In 2018, Tuy Hoa city willcontinue implementing the effective models of propagating traffic safety such asfilm screenings in public places. Especially, with the theme of the trafficsafety year-2018 of "Traffic safety for children", the city willfocus on propagating this problem in schools and for teenagers. One of thetraffic accident hot spots in Tuy Hoa city is the crossroad between local roadsand railway where there have been numerous rail accidents. 

Therefore, the city’sTraffic Safety Board has directed wards and communes to coordinate with therailway sector to strengthen propaganda and education of law on railway safetyand order for people in these areas. Simultaneously, localities examine alltraffic technical safety conditions at crossroads under their management suchas system of traffic cones, signboards, visions... to promptly propose suitablereplacement.

* In the coming Lunar NewYear, it is expected that the situation of traffic safety and order in the citywill be complicated. What activities has Tuy Hoa city taken to solve thisproblem, sir? 

- During the Lunar New Year,there are numerous important political, cultural events and festivals in thecity, attracting a large number of participants, leading to sharp increase intraffic vehicles and high risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, the city’sTraffic Safety Board has directed traffic police to work overtime, patrolcontinuously on roads which are complicated about traffic order and safety.Functional forces will strictly handle violations of alcohol level, speeding,taking wrong prescribed roads, etc.

Especially, on the nights of29th and 30th of the lunar year, the city traffic police will unleash allforces of 5 patrol squads to work continuously 24/24 at such crowded places asthe streets of Tran Hung Dao, Hung Vuong, Le Trung Kien , Nguyen Tat Thanh,etc.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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