Developing the beauty of the youth in studying and training
Updated : Thursday, January 10, 2019 8:08 AM (GMT+0700)

In the past time, PhuYen pupils and students have been participating and implementing lots ofmeaningful activities and deeds; been active in studying and movementparticipating; showing the roles and positions of the school youth. This is thefactor to create the breakthroughs and made the province’s picture of educationand training.

Teachers and students of the provincial ethnic minority boarding school emulating to teach
well and study well

These days, the students at the province’s schools have beenenthusiastic in starting this new emulation. Principal Huynh Tan Chau of LuongVan Chanh high school for the gifted, let known: this year, to head towards thethree major national festivals in the first quarter of 2019, the school haseffervescently mobilized the entire students, selected the traditional day ofstudents, January 1st as the milestone for commencement.

The emulating movement has been concreted in the contents of“teaching well-learning well”, the movement of mark 10 flowers, strictlyimplemented the contents of schools, mobilized the branches in schools duringthe process of musical rehearsals to participate in the Ky Hoi lunar New Yearcamping of the school on January 21st and 22nd.

Teacher Truong Pavel, Secretary of the provincial ethnicboarding school, let known, “during the teaching periods or the activitysessions under the flag poles, the school’s teachers have always reminded andencouraged the students to make the best efforts, train and develop the rolesof the youth in constructing and protecting the nation”.

The 12-grader  named K’pá Võ Thái, confided, “ via theeducational activities of tradition, morality, I understand more about thehistory and meaning of the major national festivals, foster the ideology,patriotism, the pride in the nation. I will make more efforts in learning andwell training, fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a student whilebeing educated at the school”.

According to Dr. Ass.Pro. Nguyen Vu Phuong, acting principalof Mien Trung Civil Engineering University, to create the environment for thestudents to train, mature and develop their roles as well as responsibilitiesduring the time being at the University, on annual basis, the Universitydiversifies the movements, studying models…Lots of clubs, groups and teams havebeen operating efficiently, like the Club of scientific research, The team ofadding force to patients, the club of blood donation for first-aids, the clubof Muce volunteers, the skill club…Via these studying, volunteering andassaulting movements, lots of the University’s students have gained the titleof 5-good students and all level January Star. 

Being one of the four students in Phu Yen that took part inthe ceremony of commending and receiving January Star 2018 prize by the centralyouth union in the evening of January 7th in Ha Noi, the fourth-yearstudent named Phan Ngoc Duong of Mien Trung civil engineering University,Economy Faculty, shared, “ I have been an orphan since grade 7 and I have beena university student simultaneously having a refreshment stall to pay for thedaily life expenses. Despite hardship, I have constantly made efforts andgained high marks; actively taking part in the activities of the Association,Union and got the prestige of many positions as vice chairman of theUniversity’s student association, Commissioner of the branch for studenttasks…I am always aware of my own roles and responsibilities, being active instudying to enhance my knowledge to be ready to integrate in the world”.

Not only the students of Mien Trung Civil EngineeringUniversity, in the past time, the students of colleges and universities in theprovince have got lots of effervescent activities to continue asserting theimages and positions. Via the studying and training movements, Phu Yen studentshave shown the responsibilities towards the society and homeland…

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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