Transfer, mastery, development of overseas technology in Vietnam enhanced
Updated : Wednesday, January 09, 2019 10:22 AM (GMT+0700)

The PM has approved aplan on promotion of transfer, mastery and development of overseas technologyin prioritized areas and sectors in Vietnam till 2025, with a vision to2030. 

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The plan aims to orient policies on supporting transfer,mastery and development of overseas technology in Vietnam, especially sourcetechnology, high technology and platform technology to renew technology andshorten the gaps in term of technology qualifications and capacities with otheradvanced nations in the region and the world. 

It makes contributions to restructuring economic sectorsserving the national industrialization and modernization, including sectors andareas with international competitiveness. 

The plan heads to complete policies to facilitate transfer,master and development of overseas technology in Vietnam, concentrating on suchprioritized areas as information and communications, industry, agriculture,construction, transport, health, natural resources and environment.  

Particularly, it focuses on developing informationtechnology, electronic industry, mechanics and manufacturing, high-techagriculture, preserving and processing agriculture-aquatic-forestry products,construction, transport and infrastructure industry, environmental industry,climate change response, pharmacy and health treatment. 

The plan also helps improve the technology capacities oforganizations and businesses serving transfer, mastery and development ofoverseas technology in Vietnam. 

Source: VGP

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