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Updated : Tuesday, January 08, 2019 9:34 AM (GMT+0700)

The Index of EnterpriseSupport Services is one of the indicators selected by the DDCI Research Groupin Phu Yen province to evaluate at departments, sectors and localities. Theevaluation results show that the units have made great efforts to improve thisindex.

Department of Construction instructing enterprises to implement administrative procedures

According to the DDCI Research Group in Phu Yen, through thepilot implementation of the DDCI, enterprises participating in assessing thisindicator show that the stable development of a part of enterprises. DDCI wasbuilt as an assessment tool to reflect the reality of businesses andinformation bases accumulated over the years. Since then, measures andpractical solutions for agencies and units will be built to participate inassessing to solve difficulties and problems of enterprises. Pilot DDCI meansgiving practical rights to domestic and international business community tojoin hands with the administrative system at all levels, creating a favorableenvironment as well as the stable and strong attraction for the province.Therefore, it is necessary to join hands to create enterprise support services.

According to Mr. Dang Van Vinh, Vice Chairman of Tuy AnDistrict People's Committee, improving the satisfaction level of organizations,individuals and businesses is a factor contributing to improving theadministrative reform index and improving the DDCI index. Therefore, when theresearch team conducted the study, the district created the most favorableconditions. Thereby, the shortcomings and limitations were found out tocontinue setting up solutions to build enterprise support services. Tuy Andistrict is very excited with the results of the province's announcement whenit is considered as the top locality in implementing this index.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Nhat, leader of the DDCI research group in PhuYen province, let known: “The Phu Yen’s DDCI research result in 2018 showed thata common weakness in both advisory and management units at the department,sector and local levels was enterprise support service. When the Enterprisesupport is existing with shortcomings, the business environment will alsodecline. Therefore, in the coming time, Phu Yen province needs to continue to announceand publicize the DDCI index; encourage grassroots units to build and develop anumber of breakthrough initiatives in the field of enterprise support service”.

Mr. Ngo Da Tho, Chairman of the Provincial BusinessAssociation, let known: Phu Yen provincial business community is veryinterested in the province's support activities. What they are most interestedin is how to improve the time of processing administrative procedures; many enterprisesupport services in many ways. DDCI also helps provincial businesses to morespecifically feel their roles, importance and responsibilities in participatingin implementing administrative reform procedures of investment and business. Ihope that in the following years, DDCI will be improved, developed deeply,creating a strong influence on businesses’ leaders...

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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