Efforts to reduce students’ drop-out
Updated : Tuesday, November 20, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

In recent years, the vocational students at thevocational education schools have shown the high drop-out rate. As provided bythe schools, reasons are numerous, however, basically, the reasons lie in thevery first moments these students chose their future careers, they did not havethe real passion and compatibility with the competence…

Students of Phu Yen vocational college taking the mechanic courses

Phu Yen vocational college is the place where lots of tertiary,vocational students attended with the average length of 2 to 3 years,accounting for around 30% to 40%. Mr. Nguyen Hong Phong, head of the trainingdivision of the school, let known: the students who drop out are mainly thosefrom trade schools. The most common reason roots from the lack of passion oncechoosing the major, some students are bored with the subjects while thosesubjects are the prerequisites for them to fulfill during the study time.

According to thecolleges, the current method of recruitment has shown certain positive changeswith the learners actively coming to apply, yet, difficulties are numerous. Thesituation of students dropping out is not only time-consuming and costly butthe long-term bad impacts is towards the human resource structure and traininglevel.

To reduce thestudents’ dropout proportion, the roles of occupational orientation right fromthe secondary and high school levels are really high. Accordingly, besides the effortsto make the vocational majors close to the students via the consulting andorientation sections, in recent times, the schools have also taken the studentsto visit the teaching and learning divisions of these training units for thestudents to reach the decision of proper choice in the future.

Dr. Dang VanLai, Principal of Phu Yen vocational school, shared, “for every recruitmentseason, the school also assigns the cadres in charge of the secondary and highschools to consult in a concrete manner to the students. The school alsoorganizes the students to experience at the practical lab of the school, withthe teachers’ support.

This activitystarts right from the time those students are still on the high school seats,it is too late once the students have entered vocational school. Thanks tothis, in the recent 2 years, the proportion of students dropping out has beenlower.

Mastering thedemands, aspirations of the students within the schools is the solutioncurrently taken by Mien Trung industry and trade college with the purpose oflimiting cases of students dropping out. According too Dr. Tran Kim Quyen, thecollege’s principal, the college has been equipped with machinery to servetraining, making commitments to help students have jobs, and that is not allbecause it is also essential to have the close connection with the families tosupport the students who suffer from difficulties.

Currently, withIT developments and the tendency of Industrial Revolution 4.0, opportunitieshave been opened up with more majors, levels. However, among those numerouschoices for the future, it is only the students themselves can find out themost compatible majors and which are the essential factors they have to obtain.

Student Le VanBao, who is currently a student at Mien Trung industry and trade college, letsknown, “firstly I chose mechanic major because I did think it would be easierto find well-paid jobs. However, During the study time at the first semester, Idid see my physical conditions did hinder this profession, I decided to changeto electricity major. Not only me but some of my friends as well, it’s onlyafter starting that we realized the first choice was not suitable, and thanksto the consultation of the teachers, we have decided to change to more suitablemajors”.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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