Continue to enhance the movement “Elders-shining role models”
Updated : Saturday, June 09, 2018 9:12 AM (GMT+0700)

Onthe 77th anniversary of the traditional day for Vietnamese elderly -Elderly day in Vietnam (June 6th, 1941- June 6th, 2018),the representative boards of the provincial elderly organizations in districts,town and city have organized lots of activities to help the elderly with ahappy, healthy, useful life and look back at the achievements in the past time.As related to this content, Phu YenNewspaper interviewed Mr. Nguyen Trung Thanh, head of the provincialelderly organization.

Representatives of the elderly in the districts, town, city signing the emulating movement
of “old age, shining role models”

* Can you let known aboutsome concrete results gained by the provincial elderly organization from thebeginning of the year up to now?

- 9/9 districts, town,city  have registered for emulatingagreement with the province and the proportion reaches 100%. The associationlevel continues to enhance the movement “study and follow the moral role modeland style of Ho Chi Minh”, ensuring that each elderly member will be permeatedthe morality and ideology of Uncle Ho intensively to achieve good results.Organize the ceremonies to congratulate longevity at 3 levels to nearly 11,000elders in the province. From the beginning of the year up to now, more than2,000 members of elders have been admitted. The districts have visited theelders who are solitude, difficult in the communes, wards, town lets with thetotal amount of nearly 3 million dongs; planting nearly 70,000 trees to forevermemorize the merit of Uncle Ho; continue implementing the program of brighteyes for elders-2018; the province’s elderly association has coordinated withEye hospital to conduct eye check-up, free eye operation for more than 100elders. Simultaneously coordinating with the Politics school to organize theclasses on fostering and enhancing the occupational level for the elders at alllevels…

* Can you let know moreabout the focal tasks of the Association during the last 6 months of the year?

 - These includeenhancing the movement of patriotic emulation of “ old age, shining rolemodels”, preparing for the task of organizing musical performances”, continuingto implement the program of “bright eyes for the elders”, mobilizing themembers of the elderly association to well implement the order 05 of thePolitburo on “enhancing the studying and following the role model, morality,style of Ho Chi Minh”. Learning is conducted in parallel with practicality. Onthe occasion of getting ready to organize the wishing-for-longevity ceremoniesat two levels of district, town, city and commune, ward, town let, therepresenting boards of the elderly in the districts, town and city wouldprovide concrete instructions for the elderly organizations in the commune,ward, town let to master the elderly who reach 90 or 100 and those from the ageof 101 to report to the representing board of the provincial elderly associationto avoid wrong and insufficient information so as to best prepare for theceremony in the year 2019, not let happen cases of wrong names and wrongaddresses, continuing to double check the age groups from 80 and higher forthose not yet receiving social support; concentrating on the task of constructingthe association, admitting new members, collecting association fee, fund andconstructing the fund. Simultaneously coordinating with the frontier borderguard, police, agricultural, natural resources-environment sectors to protectthe national security in the sea and islands, preventing crime, constructingnew rural areas, protecting the natural resources, the environment…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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