Enhancing the social responsibilities in the children’s task
Updated : Saturday, June 02, 2018 2:41 PM (GMT+0700)

Toefficiently implement the children’s rights and law stipulations on protectingchildren in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the digital world,the Action Month for children in 2018 with the theme “for the safe and healthylife for children” implemented with the aspiration that the community wouldbetter implement the stipulations on Children Law, putting the directive spiritby the Prime Minister at Decree 80 on “safe, healthy, friendly educationalenvironment, preventing and combating school violence” and Order 18 on“enhancing the solutions towards preventing, combating violence and violationsagainst children” into life.

The month on action for children in the year 2018 with the aspiration of enhancing the
task on protecting children in the digital world

Mr. Vo Van Binh, Vice directorof Phu Yen Department of Labor-War Invalids, let known: in the past time,numerous policies and programs on protecting, caring for children have beenissued, which shows and justifies the attention from the Party, the State onthe children’s task, implementing the children’s rights, dealing with lots ofchildren’s issues; lots of social forces with practical and meaningful actionsto care for, help and support the children, particularly poor children andthose children in remote area, ethnic minorities and mountainous regions.

According to Mr. K’Sor YPhun, vice chairman of Song Hinh District’s People’s Committee, children arevulnerable to the profound influences while every single day passes with theirbeing exposed to cell phones, iPad, cable TV, the internet, games. Lots of childrenare not guided by the adults and parents and this causes them to become theInternet “predators’” victims as well as other children, and this means theybecome video games addict, the inevitable consequence is children can not haveenough time for contacting, making friends and spending time with their peers,which is absolutely dangerous.

During this Month of Actionsas well as in the coming time, Song Hinh district is going to concentrate onpropagating to enhance the tasks of caring, protecting children from the risksposed by social networking. “Hopefully, bad issues related to children will beprevented, pushed back; children are protected against online dangers likeabuse, human trafficking, online bullying and contacting unsuitable materials;protecting the children’s privacy and personal information; raising thestandards and moral practicality to protect and bring about the benefits tochildren”, Mr. K’Sor Y Phun said.

Addressing to direct thelaunching month on Action for children in 2018, PPC Vice chairman, Mr. PhanDinh Phung, emphasized: the most important solution is to protect the childrenin the healthy environment, i.e the families and schools need to provideinstructions to children whilst  uing theInternet in a safe manner. Simultaneously, the adults need to listen tochildren in case of any problems emerging from using the Internet.

Therefore, for the actionmonth for children in 2018 to take place with the meaning and contents as tothe theme, it is suggested that each sector and locality, each socialorganization, parents and teachers as well as the entire society make the mostefforts to put into the practical and concrete activities so as to createdrastic shifts in awareness, actions in parallel with enhancing socialresponsibilities in the children task; in order to better implement thechildren’s rights, especially in protecting from intrusion and violation in thedigital world…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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