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Updated : Thursday, May 17, 2018 9:54 AM (GMT+0700)

2018is the year of the Congress of Student Association at all levels, towards tothe 10th National Congress of Vietnam Student Association, the termof 2018-2023. Related to this issue, PhuYen Newspaper had a dialogue with Mr. Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary ofthe provincial Youth Union cum Vice Chairman of Phu Yen Students Association. 

Mr. Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Youth Union cum Vice Chairman
of the provincial Student Association awarding certificates of "5-good student" at the
provincial level to excellent students

* Can you share thehighlight activities of the Association and student movement in the province inthe last term?

- In the term of 2013-2018,with the slogan of "Phu Yen students learning, creating, volunteering andintegrating", through 5 solutions and 2 large programs, the Associationcreated environment, motivation and aspirations for students to train, dedicateand mature. Simultaneously, the Association’s activities have fosteredpatriotism, revolutionary ideals and virtues, healthy lifestyles for membersand students; strengthening the movement of "5-good student" in deepway. 

 * 2018 is the year ofthe Congress of Student Association at all levels, towards the NationalCongress of the 10th Vietnam Student Association, the term of2018-2023. In Phu Yen, how is this activity implemented, sir?

- The 3rd Congressof Phu Yen provincial Student Association, the term of 2018-2023 will focus onevaluating the results of implementing the Resolution of the Congress of theprovincial Student Association in the term of 2013-2018; consulting to vote forthe Executive Board and the Inspection Board of the provincial StudentAssociation and delegates to attend the National Congress of the VietnamStudent Association. 

This Congress will focus onsolutions to improve quality of training and fostering staff of the StudentAssociations at all levels; promoting creativity and effectiveness in organizingactivities; promoting activities to create environment and encourage studentsto train and strive to achieve the title of "5 good student";continuing to develop members and strengthen application of informationtechnology in member management.

*In order for the Congress of the Student Associations at all levels and the 3rdCongress of Phu Yen Student Association to take place successfully, whatactivities has the provincial Student Association taken, sir? 

- From the beginning of theacademic year of 2017-2018, Associations at all levels have activelydisseminated to each branch, continued to diversifying activities to propagatethe "5-good student" movement to members and students; givingintroduction for students to register for the title of "5-goodstudent" right at the beginning of the academic year, especially freshmenand students who have not joined the movement.

In addition, the provincialStudent Association has cooperated with the provincial Youth Union to organizethe program of honoring typical Phu Yen students in 2018 for 215 students;organizing the contest of " Phu Yen student leaders in the academic yearof 2017-2018"; giving the “January Star” award, titles of “5-good student”and “3-training student" at provincial level. In the coming time, theprovincial Student Association will focus on grassroots activities; encouragethe Student Associations of schools to host such activities as: contest ofrevolutionary song team; festival of English clubs, teams, groups and exchangeswith international youth; workshop on "developing students' competence inconnection with the 4.0 industrial revolution".

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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