Attracting cadres to the particularly difficult mountainous regions
Updated : Wednesday, May 16, 2018 2:48 PM (GMT+0700)

Recently,the Peoples’ Board of the Provincial People’s Council, has just had the firstsurveying session on implementing the decree 116 of the Government on thepolicy towards the cadres, civil servants, officials and those receivingsalaries in the armed forces working in the particularly difficult socialregions from the year 2011 to 2017 in the three mountainous districts of SongHinh, Son Hoa and Dong Xuan. In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper’s reporters, Mr. Pham Ngoc Cong, Head of the Board,lets known:

Civil servants, officials coming to work in particularly difficult communes will receive lots
of benefits under Decree 16. Photo.: The inhabitants in Son Phuoc commune, Son
Hoa district coming to the commune’s medical station for free medical check-up

From March 1st,2011, those working in the particularly difficult socio-eco regions received 7lists of subsidies equivalent to 70% of the monthly salaries; long-termsubsidies at 0.5 against the minimum salaries applied for those having therealistic working time from 5 years to 10 years, the level 0.7 for thoseworking for 10 years to under 15 years and level 1 for those working from 15years or longer.

* At the three mountainousdistricts of the province, which efficiency has the implementation of thisDecree brought about?

- Since implementing thisdecree, in the ethnic and mountainous regions of the provinces, there have been12,249 people in 29 particularly difficult communes and hamlets, villages havereceived nearly 221.2 billion dongs. From here, basically deal with thedifficulties to create impetus to attract the cadres, particularly young onesto the particularly difficult mountainous regions to devote and preserve thelong-term cadres working here; making considerable contributions to the standardizingthe cadre staff, enhancing the intellectuals and creating positive changes forthe mountainous regions.

* Besides, which limitationsare there in implementing the Decree at the localities?

 - The largestlimitation is that the localities have not fully implemented the lists ofsupport stipulated in the Decree 16. In concrete, the capital source supportedby the central government of 100% for implementing 7 lists but we have onlyimplemented 2 to 3 lists, among which, concentration is in the aspect ofattracting, long-year subsidies, and few objects receive first-time subsidies, transferringregions, subsidies once shifting working places, retiring. The lists that canbe implemented and essential for the particularly difficult regions areremoved, like sightseeing, learning, training, subsidizing to buy and transportwater; traveling transportation fees. This has shown that the localities havenot fully taken advantage of the objects eligible to receive the favorableconditions.

* As such, what are thereasons and how is this situation going to be overcome?

- The main reason leading tothese shortcomings is that during the process of implementing Decree 116 of theGovernment is that the localities did not do careful research into thelegitimate correspondences, leading to mistakes in understanding,insufficiently understanding; besides, the task of instructing, coordinatingamong the units and localities is limited, leading to the lack of closeness,…

To overcome theseshort-comings, for the first time, I re-confirm some contents stillwrongly-understood or insufficiently understood. One is to stipulate thedefinition of particularly difficult communes and hamlets as stated in circular08 of the Internal Ministry, Finance Ministry and the replacing stipulations bythe authorities. As such, the communes and villages receiving the  benefits from the Resolution 116 are thoseparticularly difficult communes and villages invested by program 135. The otheris to apply Decree 116, decree 61, decree 64 …, the highest benefit will beapplied. The third is the applied object being the civil servants, Partymembers, those working under Contract, even those on apprenticeship, or onprobationary period…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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