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Updated : Saturday, April 07, 2018 10:13 AM (GMT+0700)

Duringthe past time, Phu Yen province has implemented the Decision No. 45/QĐ-TTgdated October 19th, 2016 by the Prime Minister on receiving dossiers andsending the results of settling administrative procedures through public postalservices has achieved many encouraging results, which has contributed toreducing administrative workload, increasing publicity and transparency in theprocess of settling administrative procedures, saving costs for people,organizations and enterprises.

Citizens participating in public postal services at the provincial post offices

For the issue of solving theadministrative procedure through the public postal services, Ms. Bui Thi Thu(from Phu Thanh ward, Tuy Hoa city) said, "Previously, the dossier receiptand payment of results of administrative procedure settlement at the “one-door”has many advantages, however, since the public postal service opened, settlingadministrative procedures has become better. Because of being busy with jobs orbusiness, people do not have time to get results during office hours, they canbe delivered at their home.

According to Decision 45,organizations and individuals may choose to use public postal services throughvarious modes, including: sending dossiers requesting to settle theadministrative procedures; receive the results. Receiving dossiers oforganizations or individuals is deployed at the Vietnam Post Service's postoffice or at the address requested by the organization or individual.

This is a new step inadministrative reform in Vietnam,people, organizations and enterprises do not have to directly go toadministrative agencies to submit dossiers, fees and receive results ofadministrative-procedure settlement, which helps to reduce costs duringtransaction...

Mrs. Nguyen Vu Xuan Dung,Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communication, let known,"Over the past time, implementing Decision 45 by the Prime Minister in theprovince has been paid attention and timely guided by the provincial leaders.Most of the transactors, post office staff, commune cultural post office havebeen trained so the task of receiving dossiers and procedures of the people aremore favorable. The number of service users has been increasing, the level ofsatisfaction among citizens has significantly risen.

Mr. Pham Van Ngu, DeputyDirector of Phu Yen Post Office, let known: "Implementing Decision 45 willimprove the quality of serving people, businesses and organizations; at thesame time, the “one-stop” workload at departments and localities has beenreduced, which helps them have more time for the state management and make abreakthrough in implementing the provincial administration reforming policy.The service quality ensured in safe, accurate, stability and timeliness willalso create favorable conditions for organizations, enterprises and individualsto publicly and transparently communicate with state agencies, reduceprocedures in solving work.

The above reformation has helpedto prevent corruption, shorten time, save travel costs for citizens. In pursuitof the policy, the Provincial Post Office has coordinated with otherdepartments, sectors and localities to sign coordinated documents, set upprocedures to receive and return results of settlement of administrativeprocedures in a rigorous manner, uniform samples and charges... in accordancewith the State regulations. The unit also attaches great importance toallocating human resources to meet the needs of enterprises, organizations andpeople in the province in a timely manner. Accordingly, postal service centers,including commune cultural post offices, maximize receiving and returningresults at home, regularly propagate, introduce and publicly announce theservice so that people can know and use.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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