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Updated : Friday, April 06, 2018 3:35 PM (GMT+0700)

Program135, constructing new rural areas, 30a are the major programs helping theparticularly difficult communes, hamlets and villages of the province  to reduce the percentage of poor households,enhancing the living standards of the inhabitants. The localities’ governmentsare currently continuing to make efforts to help with sustainable povertyeradication.

The people’s committee of Ea Ly commune using the capital source of annual maintenance
to upgrade the roads in residential areas of hamlet 2/4

Zo village, the hamlets 2/4,Tan Son in Ea Ly commune (Song Hinh district) have been consecutively theparticularly difficult ones. Thanks to the supportive programs, so far, thesehamlets have got rid of poverty situation. According to Mr. Nguyen Minh GiaNho, chairman of Ea Ly commune’s people’s committee, hamlet 2/4 has got the1.1km route upgraded with the expenditure of 936 million dongs. This work hasfacilitated the transportation as well as the production situation by 90households majoring in cultivating 184ha ofsugarcane. Zo village, Tan Son hamlet have also been invested withconstructing traffic roads, cultural houses…from the capital sources ofintermingling the programs and policies of the mountainous regions. Thanks tothis, the proportion of poor households in these hamlets was reduced from 50%and higher to under 40%.

The changes of difficulthamlets, villages have “pushed” the entire commune of Ea Ly to change too. Theresult is that Ea Ly has got rid of the particularly difficult situation andbecome one new rural commune. Mr. Nguyen Minh Gia Nho added: so far, 16/16km ofcommunal traffic axis have been hardened, over 80% of the roads in hamlets,communes, villages and over 87% internal field roads have been concreted. Thehamlets that have cultural houses, classrooms in the newly-constructed schools.The commune has currently got over 90% of the total number of 4,000 people inthe working age employed, nearly 100% of the households can use clean water.The inhabitants’ annual income has been increased from 29 million dongs in 2016to 31.9 million dongs.

According the PPC, in thepast year, the entire province had 23 hamlets and villages get out of theparticularly difficult situations, including 12 hamlets in the new ruralcommunes and 11 hamlets with reduction in the proportion of poor and nearlypoor households.

The hamlets, villages thathave got rid of the particularly difficult situations have received the investmentof all level governments. Mr. Nguyen Minh Gia Nho lets known: The mountainoussloping topography and traffic infrastructure facing with rain and storm caneasily lead to landslide. The inhabitants’ income depends on the household’sproduction with small and unsustainable scope; in case of low price foragricultural products, income is not enough to cover the expenses, hence,poverty returns. Typically, the price of sugar cane has fallen the lowest inthe past 5 years, lots of households selling sugarcane can not make ends meet.Or the storm numbered 12 in the year 2017 caused trees to fall down and theforest-planting households can not have enough expenditures to replant…At thebeginning of this year, the commune’s people’s committee invested over 40million dongs to repair the roads in residential areas in hamlet 2/4 to servethe transportation of 35 households.

As for the difficultcommunes, hamlets, villages have also been allocated expenditure to support bythe PPC. According to the PPC, this year, the entire province has 16 communesand 29 hamlets which are particularly difficult and get the support from theprogram 135. These units will be allocated over 29.2 billion dongs from thisprogram. Among which, the PPC invests over 23 billion dongs to construct theinfrastructure, maintain the works; 5.6 billion dongs to support theproduction, diversifying methods of making a living, multiplying the models ofpoverty reduction. The provincial ethnic minority’s board has received 600million dongs to enhance the community’s and foundational cadres’ competence inthe particularly difficult communes and hamlets. As for the two districts ofSong Hinh, Dong Xuan, the investment level is at 71.6 billion dongs from thecapital source 30a.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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