Caring for Tet for the laborers
Updated : Saturday, January 12, 2019 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

It is in less than amonth that Lunar New Year Ky Hoi 2019 arrives. So far, lots of enterprises inthe province have taken plans to give Tet bonuses as well as activities to carefor the laborers, like : supporting airfares, new year parties, gifts toworkers in difficulties…

Enterprises publicly announcing the Tet bonuses to help laborers feel peace in mind to
work. Photo: Workers on duty at Olam Vietnam Company Ltd. in Phu Yen (Hoa Hiep IZ)

During the first days of the new year 2019, the workingatmosphere at the provincial Industrial zones (IZ), the working atmosphereat the provincial IZ is really urgent. Ms. Phan Thi Hue, chairwoman of thefoundation trade uniono the branch of Olam Vietnam Company Ltd. in Phu Yen (HoaHiep IZ), the enterprise with 100% of foreign capital, let known, “the unit hastaken the advocacy of giving bonuses both for the New Year and Lunar New Yearto all of the laborers. On average, each laborer receives the bonus of 5million dongs with one gift worth 200,000 dongs including cooking oil, sugar,MSG and confectioneries.

Besides, the Company will soon pay the salary for January forthe laborers to spend for Tet”. Ms. VoThi Hong Bich, a worker in the packaging division of Olam Vietnamcompany Ltd., excitedly shared, “after a year of  hard working, at the end the year, gettingthe bonus from the company is the great encouragement and spiritual stimulationfor  workers. This bonus level partlyhelps us have conditions to shop for Tet for the family”.

At KCP Vietnam Company Ltd., in the past days, after hearingabout the levels of bonuses from the board of directors, the collective ofworkers are so much excited. Sharing about the plans to care for Tet, Mr.HuynhThanh Duong, chairman of the Company’s trade union, let known, “in the pastyear, the Company has always created stable jobs for nearly 450 workers withthe average monthly income of 6.8 million dongs. For the cadres, workers  to enjoy a cozier and wealthier Tet, theCompany’s Trade Union has proposed the Board of Directors to give plans for Tetbonuses. In concrete, apart from the 13th month bonus as previous years, theCompany also extracts 18% of the salary fund (about 6.5 billion dongs) to awardthe workers(equivalent to two month salaries) during this Tet occasion”.

In 2018, economic growth remains stable and the activity ofproducing and trading of lots of enterprises have either been reached orsurpassed against the plans, ensuring jobs and stable income, not lettinghappen cases of enterprises owing salaries to the workers. Mr. Nguyen Phat,director of the provincial department of labor-war invalids-social affairs, letknown, “ in order to stabilize the labor relationship as well as creatingfavorable conditions for the enterprise to concentrate on producing andtrading, helping workers feel peace in mind to work.

The department of labor-war invalids-social affairs hasissued official instructions to suggest the enterprises in economic sectorcurrently operating in the province to careand well implement the salary and bonus payment to workers during theNew year and the Lunar New Year. Simultaneously soon informing and taking plansto sufficiently pay salaries, bonuses before December 31st to laborers to knownabout the salaries, subsidies, supporting how much when it comes to gifts  and traveling fares…”.

“Trade union of the economic zone has been activelyproposing  and directing the enterprisesto implement the tasks before, during and after Tet; requesting thefoundational trade unions to strictly coordinate with the enterprises’ leadersin the task of preparing for laborers with salaries, bonuses, Tet gifts andmastering the laborers’ thoughts. Lots of enterprises give the one month salarybonus to the workers and this is a practically praiseworthy effort. Besides,the enterprises have coordinated with trade unions to present Tet gifts,organizing end-of-year parties, giving lucky money to laborers at the beginningof the year at the units….”, Mr. Ma Quang Hung, Vice chairman of the tradeunion of  Phu Yen economic zone, added.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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