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Updated : Saturday, November 03, 2018 5:20 PM (GMT+0700)

The PPC has just organized 2 years ofimplementing the Action Plan 97 on e-Government (Plan 97). Through this, it canbe seen that most offices, units, and localities have used the system ofmanaging the official directing correspondence connected with the inter-axis,and has been basically stable, helping reduce time, cost for both organizationsand individuals. However, the implementation of this plan does face with lotsof difficulties and not yet been synchronous.

The Department of Planning-Investment applies IT in dealing with APs for organizations
and individuals

PPCVice chairman, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung, let known: after 2 years of implementingPlan 97, so far, in the province, it has been stable when it comes toimplementing the inter-axis (at the website of the Government office, departments, boards, sectors and among thelocalities, sectors and departments themselves.

Most of the offices, units and localities have used the systemof managing the official correspondence connected with the inter-axis,basically stabilizing the activities, meeting the tasks at offices, units,helping reduce the time and cost. The province’s public service portable hasalso stabilized the operation, serving the receiving and openness, transparencyinto the process of all steps from receiving, dealing and returning the resultsfor administrative procedures (APs).

According to Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung, director of the departmentof agriculture-rural development, the implementation of e-Government hascontributed to simplifying the APs. Currently, 100% of official correspondencehave been sent to the inter-axis of the province. In the coming time, thedepartment continues to invest in equipment and machine to thedirectly-belonging units, as well as joining hands with the province tocomplete this program.

Mr. Ngo Tan Dau, one inhabitant in Phu Hoa townlet (Phu Hoadistrict), let known, “I have heard about inter-axis in dealing with APs forthe inhabitants using the Internet. Via learning about this, I see how usefuland efficient the system is, I immediately took part in at the Constructiondepartment and my papers were sent home via the post office”.

According to the PPC, the implementation of e-Government does facewith numerous difficulties, neither is it synchronous; the advocacy ofapproving the hire for inter-axis and this portal has not got concrete plansfor the stipulated minimum route; the human resources that implement using theapplications at the units and supports from the units supplying services isstill limited; applying incompletely and not yet meeting the practical demands.Meanwhile, the determination and direction of many head of the departments andunits has been neither strong nor close.

Mr. Dang Van Vinh, vice chairman of the people’s committee ofTuy An district, let known,: the district has implemented but still faced lotsof embarrassment, therefore, the direction is not drastic; not yet implementingthe portal at levels 3 and 4; e-correspondence has not replaced the writtenones, hence, difficulties. The reasons lie in the lack of majoring cadres. Mostof the cadres in charge of many tasks simultaneously.

“The spirit of implementing e-Government of the province ispractically drastic, bringing about the most practical efficiency. The PPC hasdetermined this as the difficult and significant tasks. The more challengingthe tasks are, the more determined the province is”, PPC Vice chairman PhanDinh Phung emphasized and also added that in the coming time, the provincewould double check, adjust the scheme of managing, running and using thenetwork to transmit date uniquely used for the Party offices, and the Stateoffices in the province; the system of managing e-documents, the inter-axis formanaging e-minutes and e-correspondence within the state offices; theregulations of managing, monitoring, exploiting, using the portal and theprovince’s inter-axis system. At the same time, supplementing the form ofannouncing and regulating the responsibilities of the heads, civil servants,officials directly using, ensuring awards and disciplines to announce and betransparent in IT application at each unit.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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