Happiness to the inhabitants thanks to the routes
Updated : Saturday, November 03, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Connectingcommunes, hamlets and the program of concreting the province’s rural andmountainous regions are heading towards the inner-field routes to the producingzones. This both helps facilitate the inhabitants’ transportation and promotetrade exchange, bringing the inhabitants’ agricultural products to the market.

Concrete road leading to the producing zone helping the inhabitants travel and transport
agricultural products in a favorable way

The concrete road pastthe cassava moplas annd sugarcane fields to Oi Tinh’s milpa are located deep inthe mountain. Since the road is put into use, more inhabitants travel past,making the atmosphere more bustling. Oi Tinh excitedly said: previously, thetrucks were reluctant to come here due to being afraid of muds, then they wouldhave to ask for pulling cranes, so much costly. My family had to hire cowcarts, sluggishly pulled each one to the main road, then waited for the largetruck to transport. It was both costly and labor-cost. Now that everything ismore facilitated.

Having the road, reducingtransportation fee for produce, we do also have the products consumed at higherprices. According to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quynh, one merchant majoring in purchasingfruit between Phu Yen and Dak Lak, they are always awake during peak season,the merchant groups often come directly into the milpas to select and buy,placing in the chunk bags then catch the trucks to bring for consumption. “Weoften pay 1 or 2 price higher in case of convenient location of the milpas; Anymilpas that are in inconvenient places, the fees for trucks, truck wash…, theprice is lower…”, Mrs. Quynh said.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh inTan Yen hamlet, Ea Ly commune (Song Hinh district), let known: I have expectedthe road for years now. Last year, the commune’s people’s committee informedthat the road was going to be built, how excited I was. I am ready tocontribute to have the road soon completed. The road has not been concreted,traveling is still easier thanks to hardened road. It is likely that next year,the local inhabitanstt and I can have the new concrete roads for transportation.

According to Mr. Nguyen VanHai, Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Ea Ly commune, in the pastyear, the commune has completed 1.1km of road to the producing zone with thewidth of over 180ha, contributing to increasing the total of inner-field roadsthat have been completed to 3.8km. The commune currently has 17 routes with thetotal length of 8.8km which has not been completed. The commune’s government activelyproposes to ask for cement and capital sponsored by the higher level as well asmobilizing the inhabitants to contribute to help these routes to be soon putinto use.

Only 5km of road has beencompleted for the zone leading into the producing zone, the people’s committeeof Krong Pa commune (Son Hoa district) makes efforts to complete another 4km.Mr. Le Van Dieu, chairman of the people’s committee of this commune, let known: from now till the end of the year, the commune is going to complete 1km pastaround 200ha of producing land, the remaining 3km is estimated to be completedin 2020.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri, Directorof the Department of Traffic and Transportation, let known that the trafficinfrastructure in the province’s mountainous regions bear great significance insocio-eco development in this region, therefore, in the past 3 years, thecapital sources for new rural areas have been mainly focused on completing forthis area; thanks to this, not only the main axis of hamlets, villages havebeen concreted but the inner-field routes have been hardened, too, whichpositively supports the inhabitants’ transportation as well as transportingagricultural products.

 From the end of 2017 upto now, the localities have been concreted 65.86km of rural roads with thetotal expenditure of 30 billion dongs. From here, lots of mountainous communeshave completed the criterion numbered 2 in traffic, helping increase the numberof communes completing this criterion to 71 out of 88 all over the province.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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