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Updated : Monday, October 29, 2018 4:51 PM (GMT+0700)

After3 years of putting into use, the National Avenue, part past Phu Yen, hasseriously degraded, causing traffic safety deficiency. The managing unit iscurrently urging executing units to repair, create transportation safety forthe inhabitants, particularly during the coming rainy and stormy season.

Workers repairing road surface of the national avenue 1, past Tuy An district

Degraded and abated roads andthe road surfaces have shown lots of pot holes, “elephant holes” in greatdensity and this is the situation in the national avenue 1 past Phu Yenprovince. Among this, Quan Cau pass region (the border between the two communesof An Cu and An Hiep, Tuy An district) has the large sloping degree but the vehiclesface numerous difficulties due to muddy roads and seriously-damaged roadsurfaces.

This is also the obsessiveroad section for drivers. Mr. Nguyen Nhat Viet, one container driver in DongHoa district, let known: I drive along the North-South route, which means Ifrequently travel past this road part. Each vehicle runs 1/3 of the pass roadbefore facing one curving part with muddy signs, really clear with deep cartyre shapes, I have to make sudden shifts and this is really dangerous, thetruck just “crawls” the pass.

Apart from degraded roadparts, in the past days, heavy rain has caused lots of the National Avenue 1 tobe heavily flooded, the water could not run and the roads got flooded, evenflooding into the inhabitants’ houses in Chi Thanh townlet, the communes of AnHiep and An Hoa… 

According to Mr. Nguyen ThanhTri, Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation, standing deputyhead of the provincial board of traffic safety, the situation of abated andsubsided roads of Vuon Xoai slope is fairly dangerous. The remaining damagedparts in the routes all belong to the project of upgrading, expanding theNational Avenue 1 with the capital sources of the Government bonds with themain investor being Thang Long project management board, in the process of workguarantee.

The provincial traffic safetyboard as well as the department of traffic and transportation have sent lots ofofficial correspondence to the Ministry of traffic and transportation tomanage, maintain to soon overcome the damage conditions in the national avenue1 to ensure the facilitated transportation for the inhabitants, particularlyduring the coming rainy and stormy season.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Luong, head ofthe project 2 management board-the managing board of Thang Long project, letsknown: the project of upgrading, expanding national avenue 1 has been put intouse for 3 years, the guarantee time is 4 years. Since the first days of beingput into use, the unit has implemented 4 major repairing sessions, however, thecase of pot holes have frequently occurred.

The management board iscurrently directing the executing units to build polime roads with the depth of5cm I 7 parts with the total length of approximately 12km. The units are goingto recover the system of traffic safety in the route, paint the road lanes…Thetotal expenditure is roughly 56.6 billion dongs.

According to Mr. Tran DucChung, Deputy head of the general managing bureau III, the unit has recentlychecked the state of the national avenue 1 past Phu Yen; through which, it canbe seen that the road parts have been seriously damaged, 8 road parts have beenfrequently flooded. The unit has proposed the Management board of Thang Longproject to urgently repair under the directions of the Minister of traffic andtransportation Mr. Nguyen Van The.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Luong added,the minister of traffic and transportation has directed the management board ofThang Long project to organize supplement executing the water sewage system onthe road part past Tuy An district and Song Cau town. Accordingly, the unit isgoing to execute 60m of vertical drains; 1 horizontal box drain past theNorthern road of Phu My bridge, An Hiep commune, Tuy An district; consolidatingtaluy of the road surface, dealing with Vuon Xoai abating points…with theimplementing expenditure of nearly 57 billion dongs. All of these bidding packagesare being currently implemented, estimated to be completed prior to thisDecember 31st.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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