Enhancing the study movement in the community
Updated : Sunday, October 07, 2018 7:40 AM (GMT+0700)

“Thegreatest school is from books”, that is the theme of the “The week ofresponding to the life-long studying” in 2018 occurring from October 1stto October 7th. As related to this year’s movement, Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr. Le VanHuu, Deputy head of the provincial Directing Board for Constructing the studysociety” cum Chairman of the provincial Society for Promoting education.

PPC Chairman Pham Dai Duong and Chairman of the Provincial Society for Promoting
education, Mr. Le Van Huu presenting books to schools to encourage the reading culture

* Can you let known why thetheme for this year is “The greatest school is from books”?

- It can be said that instudying, books and notebooks are the means that provide and preserve thehumankind’s knowledge in the most efficient way. Books are the humankind’sknowledge treasury accumulated for millions of years. From that treasure, oncecan identify for oneself the necessary parts toserve the studying, researching as well as applying to work, occupationfrom the intensive knowledge to the common sense. One writer has shared,

Books are the immortal lampof humankind’s intellectual”. The great Russian writer Maksim Gorki said,“Books open up a new horizon in front of me”.

Reading books is exactly theprocess of exploring, transporting, absorbing the knowledge. Besides, readingbooks does not only to acquire knowledge but also a way to train thepersonality in parallel with learning how be a human. Therefore, the PPC haschosen the theme “The greatest school is from books” for the week of respondingto life-long studying” in 2018. The implementation of the week is aimed atenhancing the awareness of the people’s classes of the roles, meanings andsignificance of reading books to the enhancement of knowledge, skills, developingthinking manner and methods, training characters; forming the frequent readinghabits in each individual and constructing the reading culture in thecommunity…

* What activities will beincluded during the event, sir?

- This year’s event is fromOctober 1st to 7th, depending the concrete conditions ofthe offices, localities, units in the province, active selection will be madefor being compatible. Together with organizing the propagating activities at theeducational foundations and public places; the schools organize the events,contests and informal talks on reading extension and encouraging the constructionof studying society; mobilizing the movement of emulating to have good periodsand good academic weeks….

The libraries, museums andcultural centers organize the festivals of reading books, exhibitions,exchanging with works and writers. The schools coordinate with the provinciallibrary to organize book reading sessions, informal talks to improve readingskills and methods of choosing books for the sake of remembering, applying theacquired knowledge into both studying and real life.

Besides, the schools enhancethe IT application into the library’s activities; investing in books,newspapers and journals’ sources. Organize story-telling contests, introducingbooks, diversifying the activities of study-encouragement in and outside theschools. Renovate the forms of operation among the schools’ libraries with suchsolutions as : renovating the form of operation in the schools’ libraries withsuch solutions as: transferring books within the schools’ libraries to theclassrooms’ bookcases; assigning to the students to self manage the books andlend books…

The mobilization of the weekof the responding to lifelong study is one reminder of the self-study in eachindividual as well as a meaningful appeal to every citizen, gradually buildingup the widespread learning movement, which is standing and long-termed. Theobvious reason is thanks to the life-long studying, we will surely be competentto cope with, develop in such an extending and open world, from this, we cancontribute to constructing the homeland and nation into wealthier, morecivilized and nicer.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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