Teacher capacity building crucial to educational reform
Updated : Wednesday, May 30, 2018 9:34 AM (GMT+0700)

Capacitybuilding for teachers is crucial to educational reforms, said Prime MinisterNguyen Xuan Phuc at the meeting of the National Committee for Education Reformsand the National Council of Education and Human Resources Development from 2016– 2020 on May 29.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chairs a meeting of the National Committee for
Education Reforms and the National Council of Education and Human Resources
Development from 2016 – 2020 on May 29 - Photo: VNA

It was the first time PMPhuc, also President of the National Committee for Education Reforms and theNational Council of Education and Human Resources Development from 2016 – 2020,chaired a meeting of this kind. 

The meeting aimed to seekmeasures to translate Resolution No.29-NQ/TW dated November 4, 2013 onfundamental and comprehensive innovation in education, servingindustrialization and modernization in the Socialist-oriented market economyinto reality during the country’s international integration and the era of Industry4.0.

The meeting focuseddiscussion on reforms of the teacher training and allocation, renovation oftextbooks, and improvement of the effectiveness of institutional autonomy ofhigher education in Vietnam. The meeting also saw many proposals to reform theaccreditation procedures of professor and associate professor titles and toimprove the quality of Vietnamese professors and associate professors.

PM Phuc spoke highly of allproposals at the meeting, saying the ultimate goal of the socio-economic developmentis to better serve people, particularly in education and training.

He agreed with the proposalsto promote the application of technology in education and noted that theelimination of technological illiteracy is fundamental to developing E-government,smart cities and global citizens. 

He also appreciated theideas of lifelong learning, especially for old adults, to prevent stagnancy anduncreative and close-minded thinking at work.

He stressed on theimportance of capacity building for teachers which is the key to the country’seducational reforms, asking for the restructuring of pedagogical institutionswith the focus on the quality of teachers and benefits for them. He wanted theteachers to receive better training and be facilitated to absorb new ways ofthinking.

The PM also requested theuniversities to further foster students’ start-up businesses, saying it isimportant to increase the Vietnamese’s productivity.

He required stricteraccreditation of professors and associate professors and improvement of thequality of the candidates and judges to ensure transparency in line withinternational standards.

Regarding the universityautonomy, the top leader said when the institutional autonomy is applied; theuniversities are only governed by the Ministry of Education and Training interms of planning, examination, education quality and inspection. He asked forincrease in the number of universities piloting autonomy instead of only threeor four universities at the present to get feedback and scale up the model inthe future.

He endorsed ideas ofuniversity autonomy in academic curriculums, organization and finance andemphasised that financial autonomy does not mean that the government will notinvest in higher education institutions.


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