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Updated : Thursday, April 12, 2018 4:40 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, the provincial laborers have obtained lots of job opportunitiesworking at the domestic and overseas enterprises. In 2018, it is estimated thatthe domestic laborer demand is increasing, so will there be opportunities forworking abroad, with the practical supportive policies.

The service centers well implementing the functions of connecting bridge of laborer supply
and demand

As assessed by theprovincial job service center, since the beginning of the year up to now, thesituation of recruiting workers has been in the state of demand surpassingsupply. After learning into the causes, the situation of production scopeexpansion, increase in the new enterprises have both led to the plentifuldemands of workers  

The recruiting informationat the job service centers has shown that currently lots of enterprises are in needof lots of common workers for low-skill jobs, and the figure for these workersis surging to thousands. “Most attracting” is for workers in the sectors ofprocessing fisheries, garment and electronics products…

According to Mr. Tu HoangDuc, director of Phu Yen center of job services(provincial department of labor-war invalids-social affairs), normallyduring the first quarter of the year, the sectors related to producing, tradingservices, marketing, selling…are of the high demand for recruiting. To narrowthe gap between supply and demand in jobs, the center frequently organizes thetransaction sessions in the districts. Besides, the unit has enhancedconstructing the  teams of collaborators,propagators at the foundations with the hope of helping the laborers master thesuitable jobs.

According to the departmentof labor-war invalids-social affairs, during the first quarter of 2018,together with enhancing the activities of dealing with domestic jobs, thesector has actively implemented the operating activities, as well asintroducing jobs for the laborers in the provincial districts, town and city.

Mr. Nguyen Phat, director ofthe department of  labor-warinvalids-social affairs, lets known, “to enhance the task of exportinglaborers, we have coordinated with the localities to propagate on the latest policiesin employment; simultaneously coordinating with some enterprises to consult andselect workers for the domestic and foreign market. The contents forpropagating are focused on popularizing the labor market information, informingthe plans of consulting, introducing jobs, recruiting workers in 2018. Besides,the workers are consulted with the supportive polices during the time workingabroad and the program of recruiting apprentice men in Japan”.

Currently, the province hasgot the policies to support workers overseas. For example, those workers thathave relatives who used to be the ones devoting to the Revolution; poorhouseholds, ethnic minority groups, can obtain the capital loans for going to workabroad. In concrete, the laborers whose relatives sacrificed for theRevolutionary, those from ethnic minority groups and poor households can getthe highest support of 15 million dongs per person while being apprentice menin Japan.

With favorable conditions,lots of laborers in the province have boldly registered to work in foreigncountries. From the beginning of the year, the number of laborers registeringat the centers to work abroad has been much higher than the same period lastyear.

Currently, there are morethan 100 workers registering to work abroad in Japan,Malaysia.Ms. Dang Thi Ha in Tay Hoa district is learning about the working conditionsabroad at Phu Yen center for job services. She said, “In comparison with theincome earned while working domestically, the income for working overseas isfairly high, this is an opportunity for such young workers as me to try ahand”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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