Nonstop renovating to improve educational quality
Updated : Tuesday, November 21, 2017 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Determining the significant meaning of educational quality for the cause of nurturing human beings, in the past years, together with renovating infrastructures, teaching-learning equipment, Phu Yen sector of education - training has made nonstop  renovation in every aspect, gradually enhancing the teaching-learning quality in schools. On the 35th anniversary of Vietnamese teachers’ day (November 20th, 1982 - November 20th, 2017), Phu Yen Newspaper has a talk with Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Director of Phu Yen Department of Education - Training, as related to this content.

Teacher of Nguyen Hue high school instructing students in geography classes

* According to you, what are the strong points of Phu Yen sector of education-training during the process of radically and comprehensively renovating education-training?

- In the past years, with the great determination of both radically and comprehensively renovating education-training, teachers and students of the entire sector have made the heart-felt efforts implement renovating in education, enhancing the quality of education-training and breakthrough achievements have been gained. This is practically the motivation and strong sense of efforts for the cadres, civil servants, laborers in the entire sector to make radical and comprehensive changes in the sector of education-training.

The scope of schools and classes have been consolidated, expanded; the infrastructure, teaching-learning equipment has been enhanced to ensure sufficiency for the students to study, do research and practice. The entire province currently has 160/446 schools reaching the national standard, accounting for 35.9% the educating quality has been preserved and gradually enhanced.

Annually, Phu Yen students have gained lots of high prizes both for individuals and teams in all of the national and regional exams and the Ministry of education-training has presented lots of merit certificates and medals. Particularly in the school year of 2016-2017, the entire province has 15 national level students; the proportion of high school education graduation is 97.13% (an increase of 12.3% against the school year 2015-2016), thousands of students at all levels have overcome difficulties and become the excellent students in the national and regional exams…

Currently, the task of universalizing kindergarten, primary level for the right ages, popularizing secondary school has been preserved and gradually enhanced to the right level; professional education, continuing education and the movement of studying society has been gradually consolidated, developed, expanded to meet the people’s demand of frequent learning.

The result does not only show and prove the efforts of teachers and students in teaching and learning but also the attention and care of all Party levels, governments and people’s levels in the entire province.

* Enhancing the educational quality is the frequent and thorough task of the educational sector in the process of development. For the educational cause to obtain nonstop development in the new period, which targets has the province’s educational sector set?

- In the coming time, the provincial educational sector concentrates on enhancing discipline, order, morality, lifestyles. Gradually enhancing educational quality in a comprehensive manner within schools; enhancing the education in general and spearhead education, learning in parallel with practicing; caring about equipping the skills particularly soft skills and life skills for the students..

The entire sector enhances the studying and following the ideology, morality; lifestyle of President Ho Chi Minh in connection with the mobilizations, emulating movements as the sector’s focal tasks. This is considered the significant premises, the urgent tasks to enhance the education-training quality, ensuring the sector’s sustainable development in the integration-development period. 

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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