Stimulating passion in scientific-technical creativity among students
Updated : Thursday, October 18, 2018 1:50 PM (GMT+0700)

HCMC University Pedagogy of technique has just organizedthe training session and supporting the establishment of STEM Club-technicalcreativity for 4 high schools in the province. This activity does not onlycreate passion, stimulating scientific research among students but alsopromotes the movement of teaching along with STEM methodology within highschools.

Lecturers of HCMC University of Pedagogy of technique instructing the students on how to
learn about technical products

Passion in scientific researchurges the 11-grader of Luong Van Chanh high school for the gifted, Le DucDat, to learn lots of documents on the internet and harbor the intention ofcreating products serving life and study.

However, he did not where tobegin and contact to buy the tools, assembling equipment. Once hearing that theschool would coordinate with HCMCUniversity Pedagogy oftechnique to organize the training session and supporting the establishment ofSTEM Club-technical creativity, Dat was so excited.

Dat confided, “This is a veryuseful and meaningful program. After being trained by the teachers, I haveformed in my mind some ideas on technique and science and IT. I am going toconnect with my friends who share the common ideas so that we would createproducts to enter the coming provincial contest of science and technique”. 

Master Tran Thanh Thuong, headof the division of recruitment and students’ tasks, HCMC University Pedagogy oftechnique, let known, “In Phu Yen, we conduct training sessions and support theestablishment of STEM clubs at the four high schools of Luong Van Chanh, LeTrung Kien, Tran Phu (Tuy An district) and Le Hong Phong (Tay Hoa district).Besides directly instructing teachers and students, we also connect via zalo,facebook to provide technical support and supply equipment for creating themodels and projects. This summer, the University is going to organize CreativeSummer Camp, donating 30 scholarships to students for the sake of motivatingpassion, helping them to develop ideas of forming products with high applicabilityinto life”.

Besides training, some othercontents which are not less important implemented by the University in theprogram is supporting the establishment of STEM Club-technical creativitywithin high schools. According to Dr. Associate Professor Do Van Dung, dean ofthe University, STEM is the initials of the four subjects of Science,Technology, Engineering  and Math.

With this method, the studentsmainly get the opportunities to do practical lessons and take part inactivities of experiencing creativity, from which  to develop questioningand the skills of group work, the communicational skills, time managementskills….In the latest high school educational program, STEM is of greatimportance.

Highly appreciating theeducational methodology STEM, PPC Chairman Pham Dai Duong expressed, “Recentlywe have talked a lot about Industrial Revolution 4.0. In this revolution, IT,science and technique play a very important role in the nation’s development.Together with other subjects, IT, science and technique require a neweducational method, and this isdefinitely STEM. This method brings about the understanding, modelingthe world’s entire right in one classroom”.

For STEM program to beeducated within schools in an efficient way, PPC chairman Pham Dai Duongrecommended : order 16 of the Prime Minister on enhancing the competence ofgetting access to Industrial Revolution 4.0 requests the concentration onpromoting training on science; technology; technique and science (STEM);foreign language; informatics in the high school educational program…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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