The PPC meeting with the media agencies and donating the 11th prize of Phu Yen Journalism for the year 2017
Updated : Friday, June 22, 2018 4:50 PM (GMT+0700)

OnJune 21st, at Bich Hop center of conferences-wedding (Tuy Hoa city),the PPC held the meeting with the media agencies on the occasion of the 93rdday of Vietnamese revolutionary journalism Day (June 21st, 1925 - June21st, 2018) and donating the 11th prize of Phu YenJournalism for the year 2017.

Comrade Hoang Van Tra, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, PPC
chairman cum head of the provincial parliamentary delegates at the national assembly,
presenting prize A of Phu Yen journalism prize 2017 to authors and author groups

Addressing at the meeting,PPC Chairman Hoang Van Tra reviewed  onthe glorious path of the journalism; acknowledging and congratulating thegained achievements by the local and central newspapers, the journalistsoperating in the provincial locality have made the efforts for theseachievements. Comrade Hoang Van Tra also pointed out certain limitations by thepress and made suggestions to the press offices, cadres, journalists, editors,those working in this sector to concentrate on implementing some focal tasks,better develop the roles of the official organ for the province. The PPC andoffices, units, localities will be actively supplying information to the pressmedia offices for more efficient outcomes as well as better implementing thePress Law, the law on getting access to information…

Phu Yen journalism Prize isone of the practical activities to commemorate the Vietnam revolutionary journalismday. This 11th prize attracted 38 works by authors, author groups,with 13 printed works, 4 radio and 21 ones. 19 outstanding works have beenshort-listed, including  6 printed ones,2 radio and 11 television ones. According to journalist Pham Thanh Phong,chairman of the provincial journalism association cum standing vice chairman ofthe final round panel of Phu Yen journalism prize 2017, the authors haveexploited the themes in a quite diversified themes, quite comprehensivelymentioning the sectors of politics, economy, culture-society…, closely followthe current affairs, particularly the “hot” issues being considerably concernedby the society, like combating negativity, social evils, environmentalprotection and traffic safety.

As to the proposal of PhuYen journalism prize panel, the PPC presented 3 A-prizes, 5 B-prizes and 11C-prizes to excellent works. The 3 works getting prize A are : exploiting sandon Ba river, wind-tail drums v.s wind-head trumpets, where do natural resourcesflow to? (author Le Biet- Phu Yen radio and television station), Kieu poetry(Author groups Kong Thanh, Phuong Vu, Tuong Dai, Van Trung, Huynh Oanh, LeHoang working at VTV Phu Yen) and the work “Light” from the heart-thorough room(author Phuong Tra-Phu Yen Newspaper).

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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