Journal works need to reflect life’ pace and breath
Updated : Friday, June 22, 2018 2:16 PM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen journalism prize is one of the practical activities on the anniversary of VietnamRevolutionary Journalism Day (June 21st). Numerous writers, authorgroups are attracted by the this prize with lots of good quality works. Phu Yen Newspaper reporter interviewedJournalist Pham Thanh Phong, chairman of Phu Yen journalism association cumstanding vice chairman of the judging board of the 2017 provincial prize, asrelated to the entries.

Reporters on duty at Cam Ranh army port

* Dear sir, how do youevaluate the entries of Phu Yen journalism prize in 2017?

- 38 works entered the 2017Phu Yen journalism prize in 3 forms: printed newspapers, radio and television.Among these, there were 13 works in printing, 4 works  in radio and 21 in radio. 19 works including6 printing and 2 radio, 11 television were finalists. Not only does the prizeappeal to authors working in the media offices but also attract a large numberof collaborators from other units in the province.

Overall, the theme proves quiteplentiful and diversified contents, mentioning quite comprehensively allsectors of politics, economy, culture-society…, closely follow the current affairs,particularly the “hot” issues cared by the society. Some works, particularlythose in the forms of radio, television need more attentive investment withhigh showing and sharpening manner in mastering as well as using lexical formsin journalism of the authors or author groups.

* Via these works, how far doyou see the journalists show their roles and responsibilities, particularly incombating against negativity and joining in social anti-judging?

- The works taking part inPhu Yen Journalism prize 2017 have contributed to reflecting the life’s breath,the province’s changes and development, through which it can illustrate thatthe journalists have been more drastic in showing the roles and socialresponsibilities, protecting the environment, traffic safety, and taking partin social anti-judging. Some authors have known how to “nurture” and “follow” theissues and themes to the end, creating high effects. Particularly, after beingpublished, broadcast, the functional authorities have taken part in so as toinvestigate, deal with and this has been highly approved, supported, highlyappreciated.

* In comparison with thejournalism works combating the negativity, the society really needs  the work on human manner, the good thingsabout life. How have the journalists exploited this time, sir?

- For me, to combat thenegativity, the journalism works do not only reflect the bad points but moresignificantly to reflect the great things, the good role models from the livelyfacts and life diversity. It is not easy to exploit this theme in a mature way.The noteworthy point is that Phu Yen journalism prize 2017 continues to welcomethe participation of lots of works reflecting the new factors, the typical rolemodels. With the existing occupational skills, depending on each form, thejournalists have used the respectively particular journalism languages andproved their maturity in the works.

Therefore, it can be saidthose works exploiting this theme have shown clear progress. The staff of thoseworking in journalism do not only use their sharp-edged pens to give bluntviewpoints about the limitations, negativity during the process ofconstruction, development but also commend the new factors, new ways of doing, creativitymaking contributions to stabilizing the politics, society and creating theimpetus for the sustainable development.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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