Protecting legitimate rights and interests of citizens
Updated : Saturday, May 12, 2018 11:13 AM (GMT+0700)

TheLegal Board of the provincial People's Council has supervised the citizenreception and complaint settlement of agencies, units and People's Committeesat all levels in the province. Through supervision, this task of all levels andsectors has made positive changes. Numerous new cases have been resolvedpromptly from grassroots. Some long-standing cases under the jurisdiction oflocalities have been completely resolved, ensuring objectivity and lawfulness.

The Legal Board of the provincial People's Council supervising citizen reception and
complaint settlement in Tuy Hoa city

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh,Deputy Chief of the provincial Inspectorate, lets known: In recent years,the province has implemented numerous large projects. As a result, complaintsand denunciations have increased in quantity compared to the same period lastyear. However, the rate of increase is not much and there are no complicateddevelopments, just a few serious cases with crowd, no backlog, complex and long-standingcase according to criteria of the Government Inspectorate.

Together with strengtheningassurance of security, politics, social order and safety, the PPC regularlydirects all levels, sectors and functional agencies to further enhance theState management of citizen reception and complaint settlement, especiallycomplaints related to land, compensation and resettlement support whendeploying works and projects in the province.

Simultaneously, activelycarrying out task of mobilization and dissemination of law, promotingeffectiveness of conciliation at grassroots level according to the motto of resolvingcompletely from the beginning, avoiding prolonging complaints; continuinginspecting, reviewing and resolving completely long-standing cases under the jurisdictionof localities.

As a result, the settlementof complaints and denunciations has made positive changes. Numerous newcomplaints and denunciations have been resolved completely from grassroots,some long-standing cases under the jurisdiction of localities are resolved toprotect legitimate rights and interests of citizens; contributing tostabilizing situation of political security. 

According to Mr. Dang NgocAnh, Chairman of People's Committee of Dong Xuan district, the districtPeople's Committee always pays attention to strictly comply with the law onsettling complaints of citizens. The board of citizen reception regularlyreceives citizens on working days and arranges periodic citizen reception forChairman of the district’s People's Committee between the 10th and 25th everymonth; hence resolving promptly urgent issues of people.

In addition to achievements,the task of citizen reception and complaint settlement in the province stillhas some limitation. As for projects with land acquisition, this task is slowand does not settle shortcomings timely, leading to increasing complaints ofcitizens in some localities in the province. Some localities settle slowly,violate order and procedures and there is still situation of overlapping anderrors in processing petitions.

According to Mr. Tran VanHat, Head of the Legal Board of the provincial People's Council, the task of citizenreception and complaint settlement in recent years has made positive changes,increasing satisfaction of people. To further improve this task, state agenciesshould consider and predict problems that may arise in land acquisition,compensation, clearance and resettlement, then requesting project owners tohave suitable solutions before issuing investment license.

It is necessary to firmlygrasp situation and focus on timely settlement from grassroots and from thetime complaints arise; minimizing situation that petitions in excess of levelcause complex issues; intensifying inspecting and examining responsibility ofheads of agencies and units for observing legislation on citizen reception andcomplaint settlement.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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