"Lighting up" the start-up spirit among students
Updated : Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Start-upis becoming a new “wave” among the youth but not everyone knows how to realisethe ideas into reality. To raise start-up spirit among students even fromschool time, the universities and colleges in the province are currently blowingaspirations of economic development, striving to get rich legitimately among thisforce.

Truong Hiep, a student of Tuy Hoa Industrial College following the development of gray
oyster mushroom

Start-up is becoming a new “wave”among the youth but not everyone knows how to make ideas come true, whatsolutions to persuade investors to give capital, strategies to develop start-upideas. As one of the pioneers in promoting innovative activities and arousingthe start-up spirit among students in the province, Tuy Hoa Industrial Collegehas focused on integrating start-up knowledge into each lesson to help studentsstart-up and know how to get started in a piece of work. The most outstandingthing in supporting start-up students is that the school organizes start-upidea contests and program of Exchanging businessmen - Lighting start-up dream amongstudents.

Numerous students let knownthat they really want to start up and set up company early to own their life.Most students start up from small ideas, through observations or their owninterests. Most of these ideas are not new but with each one, they know how todifferentiate their products and services. Nguyen Huu Nghia, a student of thefirst Medicine course of Phu Yen College, has won the second prize with theidea of ​​planting a medicinal garden at the contest of "Creative ideasfor start-up among students" organized by Phu Yen provincial Youth Union.He shares: In March, 2017, Traphaco JSC - a leading enterprise on pharmaceuticalproduction in Vietnam, came to the college to promote their brand and products.It is known through exchange that they are really lack of knotgrass supply and thisvegetable grown in Phu Yen has high rate of active elements. Taking thatopportunity, he built the idea of "Planting medicinal garden" ​​projectin Hoa Thinh hometown. "I am currently looking for land to grow knotgrass andsome other medicinal plants, while seeking funds to implement the idea. I amgoing to launch this idea in 2019", said Nghia.

According to Mr. Ngo Da Tho,Chairman of Phu Yen Business Association, start-up is to bring innovation andcreativity. There is no age at which we can get immediate success in start-up.However, time of being students is the easiest and most convenient  to start up with the least loss. Failure andloss of capital are inevitable risks but in return we have knowledge andexperience to do great things and create many values for society one day. Ifstudents have good and practical start-up ideas, enterprises will come to them,they do not need to find enterprises. Having the same opinion, Chairman of VinaNha Trang Mechanical JSC Nguyen Van Hoang lets known: The path to dream, fromideas to reality for start-up young people is not easy, especially forstudents. However, anyone of us can also get rich from two empty hands, justneed to have passion and perseverance to the end because there is no easy pathto success.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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