Organizing to welcome the Lunar New Year of Mau Tuat 2018
Updated : Saturday, January 06, 2018 4:21 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just issued the plan to organize welcoming the Lunar New Year of MauTuat 2018 in connection with the anniversary activities of the 88thyear of the establishing day of VietnamCommunist Party (February 3rd, 1930 - February 3rd, 2018).

One repertoire in the art program of “welcoming the New Year 2018”  

Accordingly, organizingactivities to welcome Tet must ensure the completion of political tasks of thesectors, levels and that all people, homes to have Tet with the joyful, cozy,healthy, safe and economical atmosphere. Organizing practical, diversified,plentiful activities and show the nation’s traditional cultural features, thecultural features of Phu Yen; enhancing the eradication of social evils anddepraved customs in the activities to have the joyful spring and Tet festival.

The PPC  requested the sectors and functional units topay the February and March 2018’s salaries to the civil savants, cadres andofficials in the province; pay pensions and other subsidies to the policyobjects and social objects in February and March 2018 under stipulations;assigning the people’s committees of the districts, town and city to inspectthe strict controlling, actively organizing to provide aids to support thefamilies suffering from hunger in the locality, all have to be implementedunder the right stipulations, also, this has to be done in an open and equalway for the objects by this January 12th. It is a must not to let happen anycases of starving households,  everybodyis ensured to have Tet. The enterprises in the province have to pay offsalaries, wages to  the laborers beforeFebruary 5th (the 20th of December lunar calendar) for the laborers to prepareTet for their families. The PPC has also assigned the department of labor-warinvalids-social  affairs to sum up thelist of policy objects and those sacrificing to the Revolution, the elderly,the Vietnamese heroic Mothers and the list of the elderly who turn precisely 90or 100, above 100 years old; to present to the PPC to determine the number of  gifts under stipulations(including the giftsfrom the State President, the provincial Party Committee, the provincialpeople’s council, the national provincial father front. Simultaneously,organizing to present Tet gifts to the right policy objects under the generalstipulations, poor households with particularly difficult circumstances…Thenational fatherfront and the entire units propagate and mobilize the peoples,members to develop the tradition of mutual support and help towards the poorfamilies, the solitude elderly, orphaned children, wandering children, so thatevery one, every family can have a joyful and cozy Tet as to the nation’stradition.

Lots of traffic works thathave not been completed before Tet have to be re-organized before February 8thso as not adversely affect the people’s transpiration during Tet days. Conductmarket surveys and price surveys for the essential products particularly theproducts sold at the market-price stabilization under the directions of theMinistry of Industry and Trade and of the PPC on implementing the solutions ofensuring the supply-demand  balance,stabilizing the market to serve the Lunar New Year of Mau Tuat 2018…

The members of the directingboard of the Lunar New Year of Mau Tuat 2018, the sectors, levels set concrete plansto serve Tet within each own sector, level and locality.

Civil servants, officials,laborers in the province are allowed to have Mau Tuat Tet from February 14thto February 20th (from 29th of December lunar calendar toJanuary 5th lunar calendar).

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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