New Year, new expectations
Updated : Thursday, January 04, 2018 2:41 PM (GMT+0700)

TheNew Year always reminds many people of dreams, expectations for a better futurethan the previous year. Phu Yen Newspaperwould like to introduce some thoughts and hopes of the provincial readers forthe year 2018.

* Ms. Ly Thi Thuy, a teacher from Vo Van Kiet Secondary and HighSchool, Song Hinh district: Investment for lively and effective lessons

Being an ethnic minority personin difficult mountainous area, to me at the young age, schooling was always abig dream. Having been standing on the podium, the dream of continuing highereducation was always permanent. In 2017, I got a master degree, with theassistance and encouragement from my family and colleagues. To me, this is verymeaningful because I get more confident in the upcoming work from the knowledgeI was equipped. 

As a Literature teacher, inthe new year, I will try to invest more in my teaching career. I always thinkthat writing is the expression of the soul, and learning literature is to learnabout the beauty, to become people in the most beautiful way. Thus, apedagogical style, a standard and beautiful voice, a nice handwriting, a subtleway of expression... does not only create immediate effect in a class-time butalso carves a good impression with educational value to students.

In order to do so, teachersmust actively design lectures with sufficient knowledge, question system toensure differentiation, standard knowledge and skills. The indispensable thing ispreparing such situations as "spice" to "keep alight"during the lessonss, which makes students love learning more; I believe so.

Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, fisherman in Hoa Hiep Trung township, DongHoa district: Strictly observe the legal provisions on fishing grounds

The PY99998TS steel-hullfishing vessel of 885CV built under Decree 67 is my family's dream and enthusiasmship for many years of offshore fishing. The vessel with such modern marineequipment for mining as horizontal detector, vertical detector, flow meter,radar, global positioning, digital map... was launched in July 2016, whichhelps decrease labor, increase efficiency of exploitation, greatly contributeto the successfully offshore fishing.

In addition, the compartmentof the fish is about 120m3, the fresh water chamber is about 28m3,the fuel tank of about 25m3, all ensures a continuous operation time of morethan 30 days at sea, contributing to increase production efficiency andminimize post-harvest losses... My family is very satisfied with this ship,because it has modern features and equipment, convenient in the long-lasting exploitationon sea, so economic efficiency is higher than the previous wooden ship.

With high-powered steel ship,our fishermen confidently exploit fish in large fishing areas, the Truong Saand Hoang Sa archipelagoes, which does not only bring about income to thefamily but also contributes to protecting the coastal region. Members of PhuQuy Safe Boat Group always comply strictly with the law on fishing grounds andparticipate in campaigning for fishermen not fishing in foreign waters.

Ms. Chau Thi Be, a farmer in Hoi Cu village, Hoa Tan Tay commune,Tay Hoa district: Support farmers to produce better

Since the new ruralconstruction program, the face of the country has changed significantly, thematerial and spiritual life of farmers has improved, the village road, thealley has been concreted, ensured order security, people live united, soeveryone was excited. However, in 2017, there was a lot of changes for farmers,especially the storm No. 12; the long-lasting floods, affecting to agriculturalproduction, causing damage to many households.

My greatest wish is that in2018, there will be no strong wind, no natural calamity, epidemics; the newrural development program achieve better results; improving farmer's livelihood;authorities at all levels will have practical policies to assist farmers inconsuming agricultural products, finding out stable output; encourageenterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas; support agriculturalmaterials for the poor households.

Branches in the provinceshould actively support production capital, transfer scientific and technicaladvances, find high value crops and livestock, make it suitable to localconditions to disseminate to farmers.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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