Connecting training between schools and enterprises: Double benefits
Updated : Wednesday, January 03, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

In recent years, in addition to paying attention to improving training quality, vocational schools in the province have also focused on the survey of labor demand of enterprises and society. Thereby, “shaking hands” with enterprises to solve the output for learners, contributing to creating positive changes and improving the workforce quality.

Learning electrical engineering at Tuy Hoa Industrial College

According to the statistics of Tuy Hoa Industrial College, the school has connected with more than 150 enterprises nationwide, including comprehensive cooperation with nearly 50 enterprises to build training programs; inviting experts of enterprises to teach at the school; cooperating in scientific research and technology transfer; giving products manufactured by the school to enterprises; letting teachers visit enterprises; recruiting learners graduation. In particular, the school has cooperated with enterprises to give learners internship, combining "learning with practicing" to train skills and help them access new equipment and actual production process at enterprises. Therefore, learners can catch up with requirements of actual production when starting work. Le Trung Hung, a senior who is practicing at Vina Nha Trang Engineering JSC, let known, "I am doing a course in mechanics, so it’s very convenient to practice at this company. We are directly involved in production process of the company, hence gradually forming behaviors of a professional worker”.

In recent years, in addition to paying attention to improving training quality, Phu Yen Vocational College has also focused on the survey of labor demand within the enterprises and society. Furthermore, the school has organized training fields which enterprises have high demand such as mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, garment.  Due to meeting the demands of enterprises, in recent two years despite many difficulties, the school has still recruited enough and exceeds the assigned target. Mr. Nguyen Hong Phong, Head of Training Department of the school, let known: "The strength of vocational training combined with enterprises is that learners can both learn theory and practice with machines and equipment at enterprises, so they can apply knowledge and improve skills. Also, enterprises can use this workforce right after graduation".

It can be seen that the direction of vocational training combined with the demands of enterprises is one of the significant solutions to improve the quality of vocational training and workforce. However, this method is mainly based on the efforts of schools in "creating relationship" but the enterprises have not been actively in coordination.

In order to encourage enterprises as well as creating linkages in vocational training, the MOLISA has issued Circular No. 29 regulating the cooperation between training institutions and enterprises in training programs. Accordingly, enterprises and training institutions are encouraged to cooperate in organizing and recognizing training results of some theoretical and practical subjects, including distance learning in some modules. In particular, enterprises can provide 40% of training programs. With this regulation, schools will focus on training lessons and basic practice module and enterprises will be in charge of training skill modules for students at enterprises.

Dr. Tran Kim Quyen lets known: In fact, the schools have actively sought and invited enterprises to participate in training program, but they just do at their own discretion and preference because of not having any specific regulations. Therefore, this circular works  as the legal corridor for schools to bravely connect with enterprises and not hestitated doing against regulations anymore. If this cooperation is done well, students will have opportunity to approach enterprises earlier and study closely with reality, hence gaining more knowledge.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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