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Updated : Thursday, November 08, 2018 11:16 AM (GMT+0700)

In the past time,together with enhancing the construction of school libraries, the educationalsector together with the program “books for the rural areas” have made effortsto bring bookshelves to the students. This new way has brought about the newbreeze and created inspiration for the students to read books, makingcontributions to developing the reading culture within the schools. Throughwhich to help the students acquire knowledge, foster human manner.

PPC Chairman Pham Dai Duong and the program “books for the rural areas” presenting
bookshelves to schools

Unlike the very first activities prior to classes, recently,the students of Ea Bar primary school (Song Hinh district) has obtained one newactivity, i.e learning and reading books from the bookshelves placed rightinside their classrooms.

Student Ho Thuy from class 5A, Ea Bar primary school, shared,“I really like reading books because I can learn lots of useful things.Previously, if I wanted to read books, I had to go to the library but nowI  can do that right in the class at anytime during the break time. My friends and I will preserve the bookshelvesneatly”.

According to the principal of Ea Bar primary school, Mr.Huynh Duc Thinh, being aware of the significance of reading books, the schoolshave made efforts to construct the culture of reading books among teachers andstudents, simultaneously taking plans to supplement books annually.

 “Classroombookshelves” is the project which is coordinated by Phu Yen sector of educationand training with the program of “books for the rural areas” implemented fromthe school year of 20180-2019 with the purpose of constructing the readinghabits for students as well as creating favorable conditions for the studentsto get access and enhancing the passion in books.

Since implementing the program in August 2018 up to now, morethan 250 bookshelves with more than 13,000 books have been available in nearly50 schools all over the province. The particular feature of the classroombookshelves is that the students can borrow books without registering withcards, self decorating cute and fun pictures and shapes without beingcomplained. Particularly, the students self manage and protect the bookshelves,being responsible for frequently contributing to increase the number of books.

 “Via donatingbookshelves to the students, we do believe that we are lighting up the flame ofbook reading passion. However, for the flame to burn well and strongly, itrequires the cooperation from teachers and the students themselves.

On a weekly basis, the form teachers spare a certain amountof time to honor those students who make the considerable contributions to thebookshelves. The voluntary factor will bring about the passion for thestudents, helping them to be closer to books and be into the habit of readingbooks the most naturally, comfortably”, Ms. Vu Thi Thu Ha, a member of theprogram “books for the rural areas” shared.

As shared by Dr. Pham Van Cuong, director of Phu Yendepartment of education-training, due to the information outbreak, ITdevelopment, the media of all forms, the impact of the awareness of gettingaccess to information has been considerable on the traditional reading culture.

To overcome this situation, in the past time, besidesconcentrating on constructing libraries for the schools, the educational sectorhas extensively mobilized the reading culture among teachers, cadres, students

“With renovating the activities of the school libraries,equipping bookshelves for the classrooms, we do hope that more and morestudents will refer to books to improve knowledge, develop the reading culturein the schools, making contributions to enhancing the comprehensive educationalquality”, Mr. Cuong said.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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