Online public services: Convenient and useful
Updated : Friday, October 26, 2018 1:50 PM (GMT+0700)

Thesynchronous implementation supplying online public services (OPS) levels 3 and4 in the province has created the convenience and better serves theorganizations, enterprises and inhabitants as well as contributing to higherefficiency in dealing with administrative procedures (APs). That is the overallassessment of numerous people as far as this service is concerned.

The inhabitants getting access to learn about the information and deal with APs using
OPS right at home

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung in Da Loccommune, Dong Xuan district, lets known, “the inhabitants in remote areas likeme really expect to use the OPS to be less hard. I surfed the websites of theprovince’s OPS, learning about the service of registering for birth certificateof level 3 OPS, I merely follow the instructions and proceed.

Nonetheless, I hope thatbesides instructing the inhabitants to use this service, leaders at all levelsshould support the inhabitants with computer use and internet connection. Thatwould be ideal if the residential areas are equipped with the venues forgetting access to public internet for every inhabitant to get access to thisservice”.

According to Mr. Nguyen  Thanh Tri, Director of the Department of Trafficand Transportation, to contribute to implementing electronic Government, thedepartment always enhances IT application in administrative reforms,creating favorable conditions, minimizing costs and time for both organizationsand individuals. Accordingly, the department has informed the list of APs invarious sectors that are eligible to receive and return results via the theOPS  at levels 3 and 4.

Organizations, individualswith the demand of using OPS only need to get access to the website of thedepartments and implement as instructed in the system . “OPS at levels 3 and 4are really useful and convenient. Instead of taking time to go to the officesand departments like before, the organizations and individuals now only need tostay home and carry out using the online services”, Mr. Tri asserted.

As shared by Mr. Le Ty Khanh,vice director of the department of information-communication, currently thedepartment is checking the rate of progress, training and supporting the unitswith applying digital signatures-receiving and returning officialcorrespondence via inter-connected websites.

This OPS is launched rootingfrom practical life  demands to createfavorable conditions for the inhabitants, simultaneously minimizing paper workfor the state offices. At the same time, the departments instruct, urge theupdating, implementing APs at levels 3 and 4 of the offices, units andlocalities to ensure the thorough and favorable implementation; following andgeneralizing, reporting to the PPC so as to remove any emerging entanglementsand difficulties during the process of implementation.

PPC Vice chairman, Mr. PhanDinh Phung, let known: the province has constructed the function of onlinepayment on the public service portals for the individuals, organizations to paythe fee to deal with APs via the bank account system.

In parallel with onlinepayment, the public service portals have store up the digital signatures forimplementing digitally signing using OPS level 4. Also, to encourage, supportthe inhabitants, enterprises in getting access and efficiently implement OPS,the province has also conducted training the individuals and organizations toapply online using the public service portals; propagating, instructing theinhabitants and enterprises to fully learn about the benefits of OPS as well asimplementing online applications. Through this, gradually completing the modelsof electronic Government, modernizing the administrative and enhancing thequality of public affairs operation, creating the utmost advantages for theindividuals, organizations and enterprises in the province.

“It can be said that the useof OPS at levels 3 and 4 in the current period is practically compatible withthe current and future developing trends, through which to minimize costs intime, finance and labor of the citizens”, comrade Phan Dinh Phung emphasized.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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