The youth joining hands to protect the environment
Updated : Thursday, October 25, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

TheProvincial Youth Union has just hosted the campaign “cleaning up the beach andsea”, coordinated by Vietnam central youth association, the national center ofvolunteer in coordination with VTV24 news center, Vietjet Aviation agency andthe Embassy of the United states of America. This campaign leaves lots ofmessages for the youth members, students and provincial inhabitants.

Members, youths launching to clean up the environment on Doc Lap route (Ward 9 route,
Tuy Hoa city)

Recently, the organizing boardof “cleaning up the beach” has launched the campaign at the coastal area ofPhuoc Ly quarter (Xuan Yen ward, Song Cau town) with nearly 500 participants.  Takingpart in the campaign of  “cleaning up thebeach” right in the homeland, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hao in Xuan Yen ward, shared,“Every year, we take part in cleaning up the environment in  this coastal areas. Recently, together withenhancing the tasks of propagating, mobilizing, the forces of voluntary youthsand students have frequently cleaned up, collected and treated gargae andwaste…From which, the situation of uncontrolled littering has been considerablylimited”.

Looking at hundreds ofvoluntary youths launching for collecting, picking each single plastic bagslingering at the beach near home, Mr. Le Van Loi, one local resident in PhuocLy quarter, said, “to enhance the awareness and overcome the situation of theinhabitants littering without awareness, it does take quite a long time.Nevertheless, in recent time, the local inhabitants’ awareness has beengradually enhanced with they themselves reminding of putting garbage into thepockets, each household leaves their garbage home until the regulated time forgathering garbage at the right places, thanks to this, the situation oflittering at the beach has been limited. This is thanks to the fact that theyouth unions and youth federation have acted in parallel with slogans, bothintensifying the propagation, mobilization and frequently campaigning tocollect garbage and clean up the beaches…”.

In Phu Yen, as response to thecampaign “let’s clean up the beach” in 2018, during the three peak months, theprovincial youth union has launched 12 sessions with the participation ofhundreds of young members and students. “Besides, from the beginning of theyear until now, all levels of youth unions, associations in the province in thedistricts, towns and coastal city have organized 35 times of cleaning up thesea environment. We have assigned Mien Trung Civil engineering University topaint a wall 20m long with the posters designed and hung in ward 6, the roadsnear the embankment. This is one really efficient and meaningful propagatingmodel for both local inhabitants and tourists in terms of protecting the seaenvironment once coming for holidays in Phu Yen”, Mr. Phan Xuan Hanh, secretaryof the provincial youth union shared.

 “The activities of the youth union in joiningthe above campaign is practical, contributing to creating the green, clean,nice landscape and environment with further benefits of protecting theaqua-culture resources, protecting the community’s health. We inhabitants dowelcome and hope the Youth union to maintain and develop”, Mr. Nguyen Van Minhin Bach Dang quarter, ward 6, Tuy Hoa city said fully sympathetically.

“The campaign of let’s cleanup the beach is not limited at the peak time i.e during the summer vacation,but this must be frequent, daily tasks when it comes to clean up the beach,protect the environment”.

Therefore, the organizingboard would love to appeal to the entire community, society, particularly theyouth members, students to continue implementing the campaign with lots ofpractical and efficient activities, in a frequent manner; simultaneouslyappealing to the companions, support of organizations, enterprises insupporting the propagation on the posters to protect the sea to the community,supporting the implementation of creative and feasible innovations tocontribute to protecting the sea environment in Vietnam”, Vice chairman ofVietnam central youth association, Mr. Nguyen Kim Quy emphasized.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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