Vietnam works to promote green growth urban development
Updated : Thursday, July 05, 2018 3:29 PM (GMT+0700)

Policiesfor the implementation of the Vietnam Green Growth Urban Development Plan to2030 were detailed at a conference in Hanoi on July 4. 

Participants at the conference - Source: VNA

In his speech at the event,Deputy Minister of Construction Phan Thi My Linh said Vietnam considers greengrowth the key to sustainable development and prosperity. 

The Government issued theNational Green Growth Strategy in 2012, and the National Action Plan on GreenGrowth for the 2012-2020 period in 2014. 

These created an importantfoundation to transform the growth model towards green growth, Linh said. 

Urban development, with therole as impetus for the nation’s socio-economic growth, is a top priority inthe plan, she added. 

The Ministry of Constructionhas coordinated with partners to conduct research and surveys, and learned frominternational experience to priority tasks. 

Priority actions of theVietnam Green Growth Urban Development Plan to 2030 focus on adjusting urbanplanning and urban development programmes in the direction of green growth andclimate change adaptation,  drawing up plans,  mobilizing resources,applying science and technology and investing in green growth urban development. 

The plan is a commitment ofthe Government towards achieving the targets of the Green Growth Strategy interms of urban development, Linh stressed.

Twenty-three citiesnationwide have been selected to pilot the plan, she said, adding that themodel will be expanded to more areas in the future. 

According to the deputyminister, the ministry issued a circular stipulating green growth urbanbuilding indicators related to economy, society, the environment andinstitutions.

By monitoring these indicators,urban areas will identify issues that need to be addressed annually andperiodically, thus forming methods for managing and supervising urbandevelopment. 

This is the basis forproposing solutions for green growth urban development to suit the conditionsof each urban area, Linh said. 

Adam Ward from the GlobalGreen Growth Institute (GGGI) said urban areas are facing many challenges, suchas climate change causing urban flooding, traffic congestion and wastemanagement. 

The building of green infrastructuresystems in Vietnam is essential to increase the use of renewable energy, hestressed, adding that the GGGI is working with the Ministry of Construction todevelop green urban policies. 

The GGGI will continue towork with the ministry to enhance the ability of urban areas to accessfinancial resources for infrastructure construction, and building policiesrelated the recycling of waste into renewable energy, he said. 

Held by the Ministry ofConstruction’s Department of Urban Development and the GGGI, this is the firstconference among three of this kind that will be held Vietnam.

It is expected to improvethe ability of managers of green growth urban development. 

During the event, managers,experts, scientists and representatives from enterprises joined discussions tobuild and manage green growth urban areas, part of efforts to realise Vietnam’ssustainable development goals.


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