Drastic solutions taken to address EC’s warning of IUU fishing
Updated : Thursday, July 05, 2018 9:44 AM (GMT+0700)

Vietnam’sfishing sector will employ drastic solutions to deal with the EuropeanCommission (EC)’s warning of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishingduring the second half of this year, said an official of the Ministry ofAgriculture and Rural Development (MARD). 

Tuna fished off the coast of Phu Yen province - Photo: VNA

Speaking at a conferenceheld by the MARD’s Directorate of Fisheries in Hanoi on July 4, Tran Dinh Luan,head of the Directorate, said the sector will keep a close watch on productionat sea, focusing on identifying product origin at localities. 

In the field of aquaculture,inspections will centre on food quality and the use of antibiotics, hesaid. 

Efforts will be made tofulfill the target of seafood output at over 3.9 million tonnes, with an exportturnover aim to hit nearly 6 million USD over the remaining six months of theyear, according to the official. 

MARD Deputy Minister Vu VanTam underlined the need to increase productivity, reduce prices, and controlthe use of antibiotics in shrimp and basa fish breeding in order to overcometechnical barriers imposed by importers. 

In shrimp farming, the mostimportant task is to apply industrial production methods and hightechnologies. 

Meanwhile, in basa fishfarming, it is necessary to monitor the quality of young fry and manage themarket, the official said. 

The Directorate reportedthat between January and June, the total seafood output exceeded 3.56 milliontonnes, of which sea catches posted more than 1.76 million tonnes andaquaculture output was around 1.79 million tonnes. The sector’s export turnoverwas estimated at 4.02 billion USD.


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