Developing the farmers’ role in the integration time
Updated : Thursday, July 05, 2018 8:53 AM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, the farmers’ associations at all level in  the province have been actively implementinglots of practical and efficient solutions to provoke and develop the farmers’roles in the program of constructing new rural areas (NRA).

Learning about the model of “the bright-green-clean-nice roads” by farmers in Xuan Dai
ward, Song Cau town

Coming to Phu Yen ruralregions these days, one easily-seen image is the inter-commune, inter-communeroads have been concreted and asphalted smoothly, making it more favorable forthe inhabitants’  transportation andtrading. In many places, the inhabitants even plant flowers and green treesalong the roads…, and this is creating the great and positive images in therural areas, in terms of making it more colorful and lively. Makingcontributions to these changes is the active participation of the entireprovince’s farmers.

Mr. Chau Van Hue, vicechairman of Dong Hoa district’s farmers’ association, lets known: the movementof constructing NRA in the past time has been positively responded by allinhabitants. From 2013 up to now, the entire district has 80% of members,farmers take part in agricultural infrastructure works, making thecontributions of nearly  145 billiondongs and nearly 107,000 working days to concrete 300.4km of rural roads,solidify and repair 112.5km of ditches and channels. The farmers have alsodonated 13,319m2 of land of making roads; constructing 3 models of lighting uprural roads…

With the practical benefits,the emulating atmosphere for constructing NA has strongly spread to the farmersin the localities. From being passive to awaiting for the supportive policiesand schemes of the province and central governments, the farmers have beengradually aware of their roles in constructing NRA. Chairman of the provincialfarmers’ association, Mr. Le Du, let known, “determining the construction ofNRA has been the thorough task, annually, the farmers’ associations at alllevels have actively consulted the Party levels, governments, coordinating withthe departments, sectors and collectives to actively propagate on donatinghuman forces and land to make ruraltraffic roads and constructing the locality’s social welfare works.Simultaneously mobilizing the members to take part in preserving and  protecting the environment the contents ofeconomy and society, implementing and observing the process of implementing theconstruction of rural infrastructure works…”.

The province currently has57,908 households win the title of well producing ad trading at all levels,lots of farming households are practically typical role models in thissector. Via categorizing, 41,219 households obtain the annul income of 100 to200 million dongs; 12,863 households with the annual income of 200 to 300million dongs; 3,545 households at 300 to 500 million dongs; over 300 householdswith the income of more than 500 million dongs and more than 20 households gainthe annual income of more than 1 million dongs…

Nearly 10 years before, thefamily of Mr. Dang Ngoc Ly in Hoa Phong commune (Tay Hoa district) were theones with difficult situations but thanks to the loan provided by thedistrict’s bank of social policy, he has invested in raising pigs andreproductive cows. With the motto of getting the short income to  care for the long one, after each year, theincome from raising pigs, he has rented more land of the inhabitants to expandthe cages, farms for raising pigs, cows, chickens. Mr. Ly let known, “thanks totaking part in the training classes in breeding and veterenary skills offeredby the farmers’ association and applied into reality, currently my family hasover 10 reproductive cows, 25 sows, and 2,000 commercial chickens. Every year,the income is more than 700 million dongs, and the profit is over 300 milliondongs”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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