Supervising and adjusting the mineral exploitation
Updated : Monday, July 02, 2018 4:41 PM (GMT+0700)

Theboard of economy-state budget (ESB) of the provincial people’s council has justsupervised the situation of managing, exploiting and using common constructionmaterials (CM) in the province in the period of 2011-2018. As related to thisissue, Phu Yen Newspaper had aninterview with Mr. Le Xuan Ha, deputy head of the board.

Exploiting rocks at one locality in the province 

* Via inspection,supervision, can you let known about the current situation and results ofmanaging, exploiting minerals for common CM in the province?

- In the past time, mineralexploiting industry has increased the proportion of the industrial productionvalue and made significant contributions to the province’s socio-ecodevelopment, creating the product sources to meet the CM to implementing theworks, projects and made considerable contributions to the locality’s statebudget collection; dealing with employment issue, reduce hunger and eradicatepoverty and ensure life security, simultaneously, taking part in charity activities,investing in construction of the infrastructure works and social welfares onein the localities affected by the activity of mineral exploitation.

During the period of2011-2018, the related majoring offices have coordinated to judge and consultthe PPC to issue 101 certificates of exploiting minerals as common CM (evenextending time). To the time of supervising, the entire province had 39enterprises operating in the activity of exploiting common CM with 44 mines…

* Dear sir, what are thelimitations, entanglements during the process of managing, exploiting and usingcommon CM in the past time?

- There remain limitationsand entanglements in need of overcoming, adjusting. In concrete, the quality ofscheming remains limited, therefore, it requires adjustments, amendments formany times. The task of assigning and transferring milestones and documents ofscheming minerals to the localities or to the people’s committees of communesto manage has not been done, this is crucial for the departments to manage andprotect the mineral resources; the task of managing location, determining thestores of sand mines, soil mines in riverbed, streams as to the annual  fluctuation has not been done timely, notclose to reality; the situation of illegal sand exploitation or improperexploitation is still ongoing…Among the total 62 projects in need of signingfor funds to be approved, 11 projects have not obtained funds for environmentalrenovation,  recovery; some illegallyexploited mines do not ensure the safe distances from the mines to theresidents’ homes..

* What solutions are raisedto better implement this task?

- Based on the surveyingresults, the board of accounting-state budget has raised certain proposals tothe Ministries, sectors and central government, the PPC and departments,sectors, localities on some issues, including proposing the Ministries ofnatural resources-environment to support expenditures to enhance purchasingequipment, supplementing expenditures for the state offices managing mineralresources. The exploitation of sand and soil in riverbeds depends considerablyon the annual rain and storm situations; after the storm and rain season, theregion can be overlapped or eroded, depending on the annual flow rate of thecurrents, therefore, the design for the mines as well as the standards formanaging directors at these mines require particular conditions for making itcompatible to the reality.

The PPC directs the relatedfunctional authorities to coordinate with the people’s committees of districts,town, city to adjust, overcome the limitations and remaining, particularly thetask of issuing licenses, managing the exploitation activities; doing researchinto constructing, issuing policies to encourage the investing enterprises toapply scientific progress, technological renovation to enhance the efficiencyof exploiting, processing, using mineral resources and minimizing environmentalimpact; double-checking and adjusting, supplementing the schemes for surveying,exploiting, using minerals for making common CM to make it suitable with thereality on the foundations of scheming hydraulics and land-use, approved by thegovernment…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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