Contributing to enhancing PAPI and PCI
Updated : Monday, May 28, 2018 7:57 AM (GMT+0700)

Implementingthe Action Plan of the Provincial Party Committee on leading, directing theAdministrative Reforms (ARs), enhancing PCI and PAPI, creating open and freshinvestment environment; in the past time, Phu Yen Department of Planning-Investmenthas made strenuous efforts to implement lots of solutions to implement AFs tomake contributions to saving time, cost of getting access to market by theenterprises, attracting lots of economic sectors who come to get to know aboutthe investment into the province. In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper, Vice director of the Department of Planning and Investment, Mr. Le Van Thu, let known:

The modern one-door section of the department of planning-investment dealing with
AP for the citizens

- In the past years, the ARtask has always been cared and timely responded by the department, particularlyin the sector of enterprise and investment. The leaders of the department havepaid attention and timely directed to implement the province’s AR plan as wellas the department’s. The implementation of AF at the department have shownpositive shifts, bringing about positive changes. In which, concentration isfocused on enhancing AF in the open, transparent manner to create the mostfavorable conditions for the organizations, individuals to obtain informationof forms, forms of claiming administrative procedures, doing reference into thedocuments from the internet and at the one-door sections, modern one-doorthorough section.

* The modernization ofadministrative sector, particularly the scheme of modern one-door has developedefficiency, enhancing the satisfaction of the organizations and individuals.Can you provide more details for this issue?

- The department hascompleted updating the administrative procedures-AP under their rights to thepublic administrative website of the province and inform the time forcommencing this to the offices, organizations and enterprises. As for theinformation record task, the system of managing and monitoring work to send andreceive minutes via the provincial inter-communication system will be continued;continuing to update on the website of the department of planning-investmentand the electronic website of Phu Yen enterprises and investment for theofficial decrees directing AR by the government, ministries, sectors and theprovince as well.

* According to the resultsof marking and determining the AR criteria in 2017 by the departments, sectors,boards, the district level people’s committees in the province, the departmentof planning-investment was ranked among the top of departments, sectors with thebest criteria. As such, from now to the end of 2018, what solutions are goingto be taken by the department to continue enhancing the AR task, sir?

- With the achieved resultsin the AR task in the year 2017 and the previous years, this year, Phu Yen departmentof planning and investment continues to strictly and sufficiently implement thecontents, plans of AR for the year 2018 by the PPC, department. Simultaneously,cooperate to implement the one-door mechanism to deal with AP belonging to thesector of investment in the province; continuing to well implement the task of receivingand dealing with the AP under the rights of the Department of Planning and Investment under the scheme of implementing the one-door policy, modernone-door policy via the province’s public services; efficiently implement thesystem of managing quality under the standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Besides, Phu Yen Departmentof Planning - Investment  will continue todouble check, repair, amend the stipulations on the operation scheme, proceduresof judging investment, issuing the investment certificate, establishingenterprises…, simplifying the AP, shortening time to deal with AR in theinvestment sector, making efforts to the year 2020 to merge 30% procedures,reducing 30% to 35% of time for implementation against the Central government’sstipulations. 

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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