Enhancing the transparency, responsibilities of the heads in administrative reforming
Updated : Friday, April 13, 2018 2:43 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just announced the criteria for administrative reform AR in 2017 of thedepartments, sectors and the people’s committees of districts, town and city inthe province, through which to enhance the transparency, responsibilities ofthe heads of administrative offices in AR. As related to this issue, comradeNguyen Chi Hien, commissioner of the standing board of the Provincial PartyCommittee, PPC standing vice chairman, lets known:

Enhancing the quality of the cadres, civil servants, officials is one of the criteria of
enhancing AR. Photo: The civil servants of “one door” of Ea Trol commune
(Song Hinh district) attentively instructing the inhabitants to deal with administrative procedures

- In the past years, determiningthe significance of the AR, the province has issued lots of advocacies,solutions to lead and implement with high and positive. achievements. Amongwhich, the assessing, determining the AR criteria, assessing practically,objectively, equally on the basis of AR of the departments, sectors, people’scommittees of districts, town and city being constantly attached significantattention to.

Accordingly, every year, theunits will construct the report of self marking the AR criteria and announcethe public results. Through which to assess the task of AR of the units andoffices will be realistic, scientific and ensures the publicity as well astransparency.  

* In 2018, are there anysupplementary criteria for marking AR?

- Toenhance the responsibility spirits of the offices and localities in enhancingthe AR tasks, enhancing the criteria PCI, PAPI, PAR INDEX, the council assessesthe AR of the province to present to the PPC to supplement some criteria intothe marking criteria for AR in 2018, which are to send the self-marking reportsof AR after the stipulated expiry date of December 25th, this leads to the casethat the offices and localities are not considered, ranked the AR criteria inthat year; violating Order 23-CT/TU dated 3/6/2013 of the executive board ofthe provincial Party Committee in the first quarter of the immediatelyfollowing year and prior to the time when the council judges, determines theprovincial AR criteria to hold meetings for marking the offices, localities,the two following years, these units and localities will have marks subtracted(the previous year and the current year of violating); in case the unitsgaining the same marks, the one whose self marks are nearly the same as the markedlevel will be ranked higher.

Marking AR criteria is thesignificant solution to enhance the spirits and responsibilities, competence,levels of the cadres, civil servants; creating the efficiency, quality ofserving in implementing the tasks of the state management offices as well asenhancing the service quality towards the inhabitants. Simultaneously,enhancing the responsibilities of the heads of state administrative offices inleading, directing and implementing the contents of AR.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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