Donating Tet gifts to poor compatriots
Updated : Monday, February 12, 2018 9:40 AM (GMT+0700)

PPCVice Chairman Tran Huu The has just offered incense sticks to Uncle Howorshipping house in Son Dinh commune, Son Hoa district.

PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. Tran Huu The presenting Tet gifts to the two elderly Nguyen Dinh
Quy and Vo Thi Lien, veterans in Song Cau town

Comrade The also visited,wishing happy Tet to Vietnamese Heroic Mother, families of the veterans,typical policy families in Song Cau town. At the visiting points, PPC ViceChairman inquired about the health situation, wishing the Vietnamese heroicMothers, the veterans, the policy families a happy and cozy lunar New Year.

On this occasion, PPC ViceChairman, Mr. Tran Huu The presented 20 Tet gifts, each is worth 500,000 dongs(supported by Vietinbank, Phu Yen branch) to the policy families.

* Journalist Pham ThanhPhong, commissioner of the Provincial Party committee, editor-in-chief of PhuYen Newspaper and the Party branches, trade unions, youth unions of Phu YenNewspaper have just visited, wished ahappy Tet to the leaders and inhabitants of Xuan Lam commune,simultaneously presenting  22 gifts ofthe provincial Party committee to the typical policy families, difficulthouseholds in the 4 hamlets of Cao Phong, Long Phuoc, Binh Nong, Binh Tay (XuanLam commune, Song Cau town) and donated 2 gifts of the provincial Partycommittee and the people’s committee of Xuan Lam commune.

Besides, the three branchesand trade unions of Phu Yen Newspaper presented 12 million dons to three poorhouseholds, including 2 elderly living in solitude, namely the elderly NguyenThi Tam in Long Phuoc commune, Tran Thi Du (Cao Phong hamlet) and the familieswith handicapped children of Mr. Tran Viet Hung (Binh Tay hamlet). Eachhousehold was given cash of 4 million dongs. The union of Phu Yen Newspaperpresented 500,000 dongs and Tet gifts including blankets, confectionery,necessities to the poor but fond-of-learning student named Tran Pham Thanh Thaoin Binh Tat hamlet.

* On the occasion of MauTuat Tet 2018, head of the office of the provincial Party committee, Mr. TruongNgoc Tuan, visited and donated 30 gifts to the families in particular difficultsituations, each gift is worth 500,000 dongs. At the visiting places, comradeTruong Ngoc Tuan sincerely inquired about the health situations and encouragedthe families to continue making efforts for better life, preparing for a joyfuland cozy Tet.

* The InternationalImmigration Organization has just coordinated with Phu Yen Red Cross to donate535 Tet gifts, each is 3.4 million dongs to 265 households in An Ninh Dongcommune and 270 households in An Linh commune (Tuy An district) with the totalexpenditure of over 1.8 million dongs. The helped ones are poor, handicappedhouseholds, or those affected by storm numbered 12 and the floods at the end ofthe year 2017.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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