Not letting happen any cases of starving households at Tet
Updated : Monday, February 05, 2018 2:55 PM (GMT+0700)

PPCChairman Hoang Van Tra has just presided the PPC regular tele-conference inJanuary with districts and towns in the province. This is the first time thePPC has organized conference in this way.

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According to the Departmentof Planning and Investment, the socio-eco situation, national defense andsecurity in the province in January had numerous flourishes; productivity andyield of some plants and livestock remained stable basically. Industrial productionvalue increased significantly; fields of education-training, health care,culture, information, physical training and sports made great progress.National defense and security were consolidated and strengthened. The PPCsuccessfully organized the provincial investment promotion conference in 2018.Industrial production index in January estimatedly increased by 7,7% over thesame period last year. Consumer price index (CPI) in January increased by 0,33%over the previous month. The PPC implemented the market stabilization programat the end of 2017 and Lunar New Year of 2018; presenting gifts for policybeneficiaries, etc.

The conference approvedreports on results of implementation of the PPC Action Plan No. 01; the PPCAction plan of implementing the Government's resolutions on a number of majortasks and solutions to direct and administer the implementation of thesocio-econo development plan and the State budget estimates in 2018; decidingto amend and supplement a number of articles of the regulation on recruitmentof public non-business units of the State agencies in the province issuedtogether with the PPC’s Decision No. 18.

PPC Chairman Hoang Van Trarequested sectors to take good direction for production and business ofagriculture and industry in the coming time. The Department of Industry andTrade should grasp difficulties of enterprises to timely remove them.Departments, sectors and localities focus on administrative reform, avoidingthe passive status in working. Particularly, authorities at all levels andsectors focus on caring about Tet holiday of people; not letting happen anycases of starving households; ensuring every home and everyone to welcome Tethappily, safely and economically.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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