Enhancing preventing and combating smuggling, trade frauds and faked products during Tet
Updated : Sunday, February 04, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Asusual, the objects committing smuggling, trade fraud and producing fakedcommodities, banned products, low quality products often take advantage of thefestival and Tet days to enhance the operation, and this adversely affects thesituation of market, health, the rights of the inhabitants, security and socialsafety.

The frontier border guard enhancing inspection at the coastal border regions

In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper as related to the taskof combating and preventing the above actions along the province’s borderroutes in the past time and during this Tet holiday, colonel Pham Huy Duc,deputy head of the command post of the profession division, the provincialFrontier Border Guard, lets known:

- In the past time, the taskof preventing and combating the crime of all types in general, preventing andcombating smuggling, trade fraud, producing faked products in particular, byPhu Yen frontier border guard, has contributed to stabilizing the order,security situations, creating good conditions for the locality’s socio-ecodevelopment. Being outstanding  in thistask is the fact that Phu Yen frontier border guard has well mastered thesituations, timely discovering and consulting the governments at all level totimely and efficiently deal with at-sea violations, and this contributes to stabilizingthe situations for the inhabitants to feel peace in mind to do business,develop households’ economy, actively participate in protecting the sea’s andislands’ sovereignty and the holy Nation’s territory.

* Dear the Colonel, TheNational directive board 389 has just issued the plan at peak time to preventand combat smuggling, trade fraud, faked products, before, during and after MauTuat 2018 Lunar New Year. How has Phu Yen frontier border guard implementedthis plan?

- Implementing the directiveof the Command Post of the Frontier Border Guard and the directive board 389 ofthe province on implementing the Peak Plan to fight against smuggling, tradefraud, faked products before, during and after Mau Tuat 2018 Lunar New Year ofthe national directive board 389; to actively control the situations, discoverand timely prevent the actions of smuggling, trade fraud, banned products andlow quality products, the provincial command post has constructed, issued plansand launched peak time to combat against trade fraud, smuggling before, duringand after Mau Tuat 2018 Lunar New year. Among these, the offices, units in theprovincial frontier border guard has concentrated on permeating and seriously,efficiently implementing the orders, resolutions and plans of the higher levelsas related to this task, to contribute to stabilizing the situation for theinhabitants to enjoy the spring and Lunar New Year.

* Phu Yen has the coastallength of nearly 190km with nearly 190km with fairly complicated topography,with Vung Ro port and lots of beaches, lagoons, bays, …., this is the goodcondition for the activity of transporting, trading faked products andconducting commercial fraud. For the task of combating and preventing tobe  implemented efficiently for thisactivity, which solutions are needed?

 - For the task ofpreventing and combating smuggling, trade fraud, faked products to gain highefficiently, the provincial frontier border guard has issued lots of solutions,Firstly, to continue enhancing the efficiency of the basic profession task incombating, preventing. Secondly, determining the focal localities and spots toconcentrate forces, means of combating, preventing. Thirdly, mastering themethods of operation of each object, enhancing the task of patrolling,checking, observing at sea, concentrating at the estuaries, fishing ports…,discover the skeptical gestures, preventing, timely dealing with violations,especially illegally transporting the commodities via waterways, like petrol,fire, drugs and necessities for Tet days. Simultaneously enhancing the task ofpropagation on the mass media, mobilizing the inhabitants to actively andbravely point out which organizations or individuals committing smuggling, tradefraud, producing faked products or giving assistance to those actions;frequently educating, fostering to enhance the awareness, responsibilities andobserving law, enhancing the profession skills and majors for the soldiers incombating, preventing these criminals; well implementing the task of protectingthe internal forces, not letting any soldiers within the force to be tempted;timely discovering and strictly dealing with cases of soldiers showing negativeactions like adding assistance and protecting….the criminals.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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