Developing the youth vigor to protect the sea and islands
Updated : Monday, July 10, 2017 4:05 PM (GMT+0700)

On the occasion of training on propagating on islands and international integration for key cadres in 63 cities and provinces nationwide, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, Secretary of the central youth union cum chairman of Vietnam youth federation, spared time for the interview with Phu Yen Newspaper as related to this issue. Mr. Long let known:

Thanks to getting access to capital loans, lots of young members in Song Cau town are getting wealthier thanks to breeding lobsters

- The issue of sea and islands is one of the hot issues that require the great concern of the youth. The determination of position for the youth to fully, sufficiently and properly comprehend the topic of Nation’s sea and islands is of great significance. Therefore, in recent years, the Ministry of Communication-Information, central youth union and Vietnam central youth federation have actively organized the training conferences with particular themes, majors with experts and scholars so as to propagate, equip the youth union staff and the key cadres of the nation when it comes to the issues related to our sea and islands.

* So, during this time training session on propagating the sea and islands, which information are the Ministry of Communication-Information and Central Youth Association going to transfer to the key cadres of the nation?

- We do hope that during this training session, with the participation of the experts, the essential information will be transferred to the members of the association and federation as related to the viewpoints, guidelines of the Party and State, in relation with the strategy of developing the sea and islands of the Nation; with the undeniable historical evidence of Vietnam’s sovereignty towards Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, we do also propagate on the great potentials of sea economy for the Association and union’s cadres to fully understand the young’s roles, responsibilities in protecting the sea and islands of the nation.

* Facing the situation in the East Sea “surging”, according to you, what are the current young generations doing to join hands to protect the Nation’s sea and islands?

- If we want to firmly protect the sea and islands’ sovereignty and the entire territory of the Nation, I believe that with the spiritual and economic strength, in the coming time, the Association, Federation are continuing to support the youth to self establish the careers, become wealthy;  support the young to be the pioneer in studying, working creatively, acquiring the scientific and technological developments to join hands with the Party, the Nation and entire population to develop economy, science, technology to make our country stronger. Only when being strong in economy are we competent of obtaining favorable conditions to enhance other potentials and forces to firmly protect the entire territory and protect the sea and islands. I do hold the belief that with the tradition n of over 4,000 years of history, the youth are always the pioneering objects, being assaulting in the cause of protecting the Nation and the patriotic and assaulting tradition, then I am sure that the current young generation will preserve and develop.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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