Continuing to well implement the compensation, support and resettlement
Updated : Tuesday, March 13, 2018 3:15 PM (GMT+0700)

Mr.Nguyen Chi Hien, Member of  theprovincial Party Standing Committee cum PPC Standing Vice Chairman, haspresided the online conference of summarizing the compensation, support and resettlementwhen the State recovered land in 2017 and deploying plan in 2018.

PPC Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Chi Hien addressing at the conference

According to the Departmentof Natural resources and Environment, in 2017, the province appraised andapproved the plan of compensation, support and resettlement for 184 projects.The total area of ​​recovered land is more than 1.120ha, including over 199 harecovered for purposes of national defense and security; over 6,8 ha recoveredaccording to planning for auction of land use rights; over 914 ha recovered tohand over for investors to implement project of socio-econo development. Mostof the projects with recovered land have problems about compensation and groundclearance, including some complex ones which are continuing to be solved. Up tonow, there have been 12 out of 305 complaint letters which have not beenresolved yet in the province. 

At the conference, the delegatesanalyzed causes of obstacles, problems and presented some experiences andsolutions in the coming time in order to better resolve the appraisal andapproval of compensation, support and resettlement plan for recovered areaswhich affects people’s life.

Concluding the conference,PPC Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Chi Hien proposed the whole political systemfrom province to grassroots level to be more drastic to propagate and raisepeople's consciousness, analyze guidelines and directions of the Party, Stateand the importance of implementing projects of socio-econo development. The PPCrequests district and communal levels to further strengthen land management,actively carry out compensation and ground clearance task and timely solveproblems, not let happen any complaints related to land problems, landclearance, support, resettlement and etc.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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