Bringing warmth to trade union’s members, laborers
Updated : Friday, March 09, 2018 2:40 PM (GMT+0700)

Overthe past years, the program "Trade Union Shelter" launched by the ProvincialLabor Federation has been responded and participated by the trade union’smembers, workers and employees, benefactors inside and outside the province.Since then, hundreds of houses have been built, contributing to realizing thedream of "living prosperity" for the trade union’s members, laborers indisadvantaged conditions.

Leaders of the Provincial People's Committee, Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh
Communist Youth Union, the Provincial Labor Federation presenting the decision to
support building houses of Trade Union Shelter for trade union members and
workers with disadvantaged circumstances

According to Mrs. Nguyen ThiThu Van, Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Federation, implementing theprogram "Trade Union Shelter" launched by the General LaborFederation of Vietnam, in 2006, the Provincial Labor Federation established PhuYen Trade Union Shelter Fund to support constructing and repairing houses formembers who either have no house or live in temporary house, house with cottagewalls, dilapidated house, severely damaged house or damaged by naturalcalamities or fires. "The program has been seriously implemented fromestablishing the fund mobilization committee, the fund management to selectingobjects, monitoring and helping in the process of building, organizing theacceptance and handing over the house. Thereby, the Phu Yen Trade Union ShelterFund has received the enthusiastic response from members, benefactors and thecommunity to help build houses for trade union’s members and staffs indisadvantaged backgrounds." Mrs. Van said.

Since its founding, Phu YenTrade Union Shelter Fund has mobilized nearly VND 4 billion. Every year, the ProvincialLabor Federation reviews and supports the construction and repair of nearly 200"Trade Union Shelters" with a total amount of over VND 2.8 billion,with the support of from VND 7 million to VND 30 million for one house. Particularly,in 2017, the Phu Yen Trade Union Fund supported constructing 8 new houses withthe total amount of VND 240 million, and donated hundreds of gifts to trade unionmembers and staff in special difficulties.

It is very common for peopleliving in stable life to get “living prosperity”, but it is a very difficultproblem for families who suffer from numerous difficulties in life. The storyof building a new home for Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong's family, a trade union’smember in Son Xuan commune (Son Hoa district) is considered a real dream. Beforethat, she has never dared to think of the day her family lived in a new,spacious house like this. Her family has 4 people with the two frequently sickchildren , also, her health is weak, the income is low. Ms. Huong movingly said,"My house was degraded, if there had been supported with VND 30 million bythe trade union and the help of relatives, we could not have afforded constructinga new house. Now I can safely spend more time on my work and care for myfamily."  

Huong's happiness is alsothe joy of hundreds of the trade union’s other members, employees who aresupported. "Trade Union Shelter" has truly become a companion,contributing to building trust, realizing the dream of settling career of many tradeunion’s members. Although the amount of support is not much but it ismotivation for each family to mobilize more help from relatives, friends,colleagues. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Van stressed that in order for the program"Trade Union Shelter" to be more effective, in the coming time, thetrade unions at all levels continue to promote propagating and mobilizingemployees, businesses and individuals to be kindly participating in fundbuilding. At the same time, we often survey and grasp the situation of the tradeunion members to timely support constructing and repairing houses, creatingmotivation for trade union members, staffs overcoming difficulties to reach astable life.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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