People enjoy warm weather during Tet
Updated : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 10:19 AM (GMT+0700)

TheNational Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting has predicted a warm Tetfor northern provinces as the cold spell weakens from February 13.

Visitors at Phu My Hung Spring Flower Fair 2017 - Photo: VNA

In Hanoi, the temperature onFebruary 16 - the first day of the Lunar New Year - is expected to reach 23degree Celcius, with a cloudy yet warm weather. For the first four days of thenew year, it will be warm in Hanoi, with a maximum temperature of 26 degreeCelsius and minimum temperature of 15 degree Celcius. However, February 20, thefifth day of the new year, will be colder.

In Ho Chi Minh City andother southern provinces, it will be cooler during Tet, with a temperature ofsome 30 degree Celcius.  

In central Da Nang City, theweather in the first four days of the new year will be pleasant, with atemperature of some 25-28 degree Celcius. Rain is predicted on the fifth dayand the temperature will drop to 20-23 degree Celcius.

According to the CentralSteering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, since thebeginning of this year, cold spells in the northern and north central provinceshave killed some 4,720 cattle and poultry. The latest cold spell, which startedon January 27 and is expected to end on February 13, has killed over 2,100cattle and poultry.


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