Equipping students with skills for start-up
Updated : Thursday, January 11, 2018 4:05 PM (GMT+0700)

Onthe occasion of the 68th anniversary of Vietnamese Students'traditional day (January 9th, 1950-January 9th, 2018), asfar as this issue is mentioned, Phu YenNewspaper had a dialogue with Mr. Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary of theprovincial Youth Union cum Vice Chairman of Phu Yen Students’ Association thisissue.

Students of Tuy Hoa Industrial College practicing on the equipment of analyzing and
evaluating the quality of oil refined products

 * What practicalactivities does the provincial Students’ Association (PSA) do to celebrate the68th anniversary of Students' traditional day?

 - In the excitingemulation atmosphere of youth nationwide to celebrate the 68th anniversaryof the traditional day of Vietnamese Students and Vietnam Students’ Association(January 9th, 1950 - January 9th, 2018), the StandingCommittee of the provincial Youth Union and the Secretary Board of the PSA havelaunched numerous exciting activities such as a ceremony for the 68thanniversary of the traditional day of Vietnamese students and Vietnam Students’Association, the 2nd contest of "Student Leadership in Phu Yenin academic year of 2017-2018"; simultaneously, giving the “January Star”award and titles of “Students with five good performances” and “Students withthree training" at provincial level. In addition, the provincial YouthUnion and Students’ Association also organized school football competition forhigh school students in the province and the program of honoring Phu Yentypical students at Lunar New Year 2018, etc.

In addition, the Students’Association also directed associations of schools and the provincial Agenciesblock's Youth Union to promote such activities as organizing sports events, artexchanges, celebration of Students’ traditional day and commending"Students with five good performances", and the "JanuaryStar" award at school level ... to attract lots of students.

* What will the PSA do tohelp students participate in scientific research and gain access to newknowledge in the 4.0 industrial revolution?

- The PSA identifiesstudents of 6 universities, colleges, academies and Phu Yen students in and outof the country to be the target in organizing activities. Therefore, the PSAalways encourages associations of schools to actively organize activitiessuitable for each student, each major and field of each school to supportstudents to participate in scientific research and gain access to new knowledgein the 4.0 industrial revolution. Simultaneously, associations of schools alsohost provincial activities in the academic year of 2017-2018 such as theconference of student with the 4.0 industrial revolution, the Olympic EnglishContest of Phu Yen province…; propagating and introducing students toparticipate in such contests and awards as "Start-up student ideas”contest organized by the central Students’ Association, Phu Yen YoungInformatics contest, Science and Technology Creativity Contest organized by theprovincial Youth Union and the provincial Union of Science and TechnologyAssociations, etc.

* In the situation that manygraduates want to get jobs and start up a business but facing many difficultiesand challenges, what is the plan of the PSA to help them?

 - In the coming time,the provincial Youth Union and the PSA continues to maintain and organizeactivities to equip students with bravery and initiative, social practiceskills; supporting students after graduation to get jobs and doing suchactivities as organizing many career days and exchange programs among studentsand entrepreneurs; calling for Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs' Association and PhuYen Youth Employment Service Center to help young people with start-up;organizing program to counsel knowledge for start-up students, seekingrecruiters to introduce jobs to students. I have always believed that Phu Yenstudents will continue to develop the tradition of fondness in learning andpassion in scientific research creativity in order to improve their own skills,hence deciding their future.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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