DDCI contributing to complete PCI
Updated : Wednesday, March 13, 2019 2:50 PM (GMT+0700)

In addition topublicizing the provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the PPC has announcedthe Department and district competitiveness index  (DDCI) on all massmedia in order for all individuals and organizations to know clearly.Accordingly, PCI and DDCI have close interaction, support and promotion todevelop; DDCI contributes to complete PCI. Thereby, improving executivecompetence of localities  and units inserving people and enterprises.

Tuy An district is ranked as the first in the DDCI locality block, contributing to improving
the province’s PCI. In the photo: The one-stop division of Tuy An district handling
administrative procedures for the citizens

According to report of the DDCI Research team in Phu Yen, theDDCI is the result of collaborative research and deployment between the PPC andthe research team basing on lessons learned from the PCI. Compared to otherprovinces, Phu Yen's DDCI focuses on characteristics and strengths of theprovince identified by the PCI.

Accordingly, PCI will be completed and the DDCI will beenhanced. So, improving business environment, satisfying enterprise community,attracting more investment and facilitating durable and sustainable businessactivities.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien, Member of the provincial Party StandingCommittee cum PPC Standing Vice Chairman, lets known: The fact that the PPCtakes pilot of the DDCI is an important and objective information channel,helping enterprises reflect and assess the executive work of stateadministrative agencies in the province.

The announcement of DDCI result has helped units andlocalities recognize accurately and objectively about their performance andlimitations. It has also spread to numerous localities and units in theprovince when the index comparison becomes motivation for development. WhenDDCI is implemented, departments and localities have become more aware ofresponsibility to improve quality of handling administrative procedures forpeople and enterprises.

According to Mr. Vo Cao Phi, Director of Department ofPlanning and Investment, after announcing the DDCI index, this department hasdirected its divisions to complete procedures, especially administrativeprocedure reform. "Public administrative reform (PAR) is a long step; ifwe don’t take reform, we will not keep up with other departments, backward the4.0 era. Currently, the province is trying to adopt this DDCI so that everyagency overcome its limitations, hence improving the PCI”, said Mr. Phi.

Mr. Bui Van Thanh, Chairman of Tuy An district People'sCommittee shared: The effort to implement each component index of DDCI willcontribute to improving the PCI. Therefore, Tuy An district always createsconditions for organizations, individuals and enterprises to visit and surveypotential of the district. Simultaneously, directing divisions, communes andtowns to join raising the index of their units.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Nhat, Head of the DDCI research team in PhuYen, lets known: Phu Yen identifies DDCI as the key to solve the PCI upgradeproblem. This is considered a breakthrough and drastic step of the province inthe PAR task, building a government to serve people.

"In the current reality, any agencies, units orlocalities which go against the general trend of building tectonic governmentand service government will be eliminated from the administrative managementapparatus. This work also helps organizations and enterprises to assess moreaccurately the determination to reform administrative apparatus of theprovince", emphasized Dr. Nguyen Duc Nhat.

 “With thedetermination to improve the province’s PCI, Phu Yen has implemented the DDCIset. This is one of the effective solutions, contributing to improving theinvestment and business environment of the province in a synchronous andsustainable manner and raising the PCI ranking of the province in 2019.

Therefore, each department and locality need to have theirown ways to express their creativity and excitement in improving theircompetitiveness capacity, hence contributing to completing the PCI quickly”,said Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by KHUONGTHAO

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